Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Every Buy One of Those Microbead Pillows?

well... I did! After a couple of years... it starts to look like this:

Deflated, and utterly, truly ICKY! (Because, you know... you can't wash them, only wipe them down.) Kinda gross... Ewww...

So, I got this idea. I thought to myself, Self! Since there is another Microbead pillow (that no one hardly ever uses), then why not EMPTY OUT the Coke one, wash it, then fill it up and add the beads from the other pillow!!!  Sounds easy, right? And that's what I thought.

So... on New Year's Day, I emptied out the Coke pillow... what a friggin' mess!
These itty bitty teeny tiny beads floated all over the place... and had a hard time coming out. (There is a cloth tunnel that I'm just certainly sure they [the manufacturer people] put a rubber tube and gushed the stuff right in there, so they didn't have to deal with it [or inhale it]!)
And so, I ripped that stupid tube out! Forget this crap! I was going to dump it all and never see it again!

And as I dumped, they clung to every inch of me... not wanting to leave...

They covered my face, my pants...
They passed by my glasses and got into my eyes, my ears, my nose... I had microbead boogers!!!!
I don't want to describe what the inside cloth looked like after years of "sponging" the outside... Let's just say GROSS!  And so... I washed it.

It sat until this past weekend, empty and lifeless.  But... I was missing my pillow. And so I stuffed it. I stuffed it until it was puffy and fluffy, and then I sewed it up again with loving care.

And now! it looks like this:

All cuddly, lumpy, bumpy and soft! And sitting nicely on my sofa...

And it can be washed... whenever I want it to be! Never again will I EVER buy a microbead anything-or-other. It is simply not worth the grossness that will be forever embedded in my mind... Can you say YUCK?!?!


  1. Is that you laughing because you went slightly mad after the event or because you pulled one over on the old microbead pillow?

    I wonder....


  2. huh, i have washed mine. i know you aren't suppose to but i did it on gentle and cold. didn't dry, just laid it out to dry

  3. well i thank you most sincerely for having reported your microbead adventures, thus saving the rest of us from "microbead boogers"! you are indeed most brave in your quest for science!!! :) :) :)

    but mostly i came over to say ♥WOOHOO♥ we're thrilled that you found us at JINGLE BELLES and we hope you will come back tomorrow to play when the new prompt goes up...cause it's a goodie (!!!) ...and we definitely think ♥MORE IS MERRIER♥!

  4. ps: if you're dying to make a card for one of the first 2 prompts-- just DO IT and leave us a link! we'll come and see it, i promise!!! ♥

  5. I just did the same thing...>.> How did you get it out of your ears?


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