Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rockin' On...

Whew! I almost didn't make it. But, here it is! The Jingle Belles Rock 4th week challenge... to use Pink and Green. Uh... yeah... not my fave of color combos, but here goes...

Here's my card. It's a HUGE conglomeration of all kinds of things... there is chalking, stencilling, flocking, glittering, daubing, etc.

First, I subtley chalked the background in an ultra-light pink and blended it with a makeup sponge... (I wanted it to look light and ethereal... hmm... not sure if I got the effect I wanted...


I used one of those Michael's sets of stencils that's kinda been sitting around forever... I ink-daubed to fill it in with Direct Memories ink daubers. The colors used were neon green, forest green and pink. So... by now, my stencil is a gooey mess, but heh! I'm not done with it!

Ha, ha!

Grabbed me some Stickles (gotta have the glitter!!!) and stickled-stencilled in the star in silver. I put in glue in the snowfall drops and let it all dry a tad.

And then... the FUN-flocking began. I'm tellin' ya! It was snowing in the craft room (in 76 degree weather!!!). I flocked the snowy-balls and the the tree base in white, then I flocked the little squiggly-lines under the pink rick-rack a nice bright pink (Studio G).

All in all? It's ok... like I've said before, pink is NOT my color, but hey... someone must like it somewhere...

And... I still got to use up stash and do some things I hadn't done in quite a while. (Refresh your skills and techniques, people! They tend to get a little rusty... Trust me - see all that excess chalk, flocking and glitter on my mat? I'm just sayin'...)

And don't forget! You can still be part of the Jingle Belle's Challenges. It's never too late... or too early to start making your Christmas cards. Check it out at...


  1. HA! now THAT is a triumph of multiple media...several techniques...and GLORIOUS experimentation. all of which would make me say "♥I LOVE IT♥" even if i didn't actually loooooOOoOooove pink--which i do--b/c YES: i am the someone, somewhere...and i love it enough for BOTH of us!!! :) :) :) well done, you!!! ♥

  2. ps: i've just noticed the "LIFE WITHOUT PINK" badger on your sidebar...i'm hoping that's the singer??!?!?! (but suspecting probably not.) in which case, please DOUBLE the praise in the comment above...cause you're a REALLY good sport!!! :) :) :)

  3. Despite not loving those colors, you triumphed ... and all of those fabulous techniques came together to form one fantastic holiday card ... thanks so much for embracing pink for just one week ... and joining our jingle belle journey.

  4. Your snowy background is awesome and perfect to set the tree off. Wonderfully done!

  5. Your card is simply awesome! I love, love, love how you made that tree!! The Stickled star is perfect and I think I need to get some flock and try that, I love the way it looks on your card!

  6. Your card came out fantastic -- love the clean graphics and all the extra touches. I haven't tried flocking, now you make me want to really try it out!

  7. Love your card...what? you don't like pink and green?! you did a magnificent job!

  8. Fab card! Love the little puffs like snow!

  9. Love your card, it's beautiful :)


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