Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Snow AND A Phenomenal Detour

Last Wednesday, we took Marissa up for her first snow. Yeah, I know! She's 5, almost 6 and has never seen snow. WAIT! That's NOT true. We can totally see snow from where we are. It's up there on the mountain (pointing NE), see? Seriously, though. That's as close as we've gotten. Between all of our busy schedules and the heat that melted the snow too early, we never got there.

And so... since hubs had vacation and all my girls were ALSO still on winter break, we trekked up the moutain. Now... we had to go in through the side, as the "quick and easy" way was closed (due to two broken spots on the road), but we did. The view was gorgeous, from the snowless view, all the way up... up... to the snowy peaks! Ok, I didn't get that far, but I can only imagine. (and a note... please excuse some of the bluriness of some of the photos... I'm adjusting to a new "automatic" camera and in some of them, I was moving, whether in a car or otherwise)

We played, we sledded... well... they did, I took pictures! hahaha! Marissa made friends, as always...

We found a family of awesome snowmen!

Xanny and Marissa and Stacy and Rey all had SO much fun!

But... we had to be leaving as Xanny got snowballs glued to the bottom of her furby body and began shivering after a couple of hours.

And so... we headed back down the sideway... and got ALMOST to the bottom, and it closed. There was a major accident (I am so sorry for those people...), and we had to go around the loooooooonnnnnggggg way. Which... turned out to be 50 miles or more of a detour. But... what a glorious one it was!

I got to watch the sun changing the pines and firs and redwoods to stunning shades of gold.

And then... I encountered THIS:

Just like I've always seen in postcards for Hawaii! But on a beautiful wonderful California day. AND in the mountains!

We left Big Bear at 2pm'ish and got home... finally at 7pm'ish. What shoulda/coulda/woulda been a 1 hour 20 minute trip, took much longer. But it was SO worth it. We can't wait to go again!

And I can't wait to scrap it all!

*And another note... I'll be back more often (as hubs is back at work!)... Hope you missed me, my silent computer friends...

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  1. What a beautiful sky!!!! UNREAL!!!

    Xanny looks hysterical with those snowballs on the fur!

    So much fun out there in the snow, but where's your coat and gloves?!


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