Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm a Junkie. I'm Pathetic.

If you look at the right-hand column, you will see I tape/watch a heck of a lot of television shows. I am guilty. I am an addict. And I'm not proud. I'm not ashamed, either. But... I am pathetic.

I have got to be the worst tv-watcher ever. I have/had a couple of months' worth of certain shows to catch up on. And I "tried" to do that last night. Only... I didn't set the TiVo correctly or didn't watch them soon enough, as there were only 5 episodes of certain shows left... not all of the episodes that I needed to see, as it is my crack... well one of the forms of my mental crack, anyway.

Trying to find them all last night (online) was a tv-crack addicts dilemma. Did you know... that if you are watching regular cable series, you only get a certain few episodes to watch online? Uh... yeah. That is, if you want to watch them for FREE! And so... since I only had 5 epi's of each of the following:

Burn Notice,


and Sons of Anarchy
(which if you watch anything on FX, you know that some of the "episodes" are 3 minute replays... waste of an episode taping!), I was on the search for freebie episodes.

Didn't get to watch them. Except for 3 Sons of Anarchy and 4 Terriers episodes, the rest is unavailable, unless I want to pay premium fees. Or watch them on Amazon at $1.99 or $2.99 each episode. Burn Notice is all paid.

And these aren't even for paid channels!!!! I'm not talking about Showtime or HBO series! I'm talking about FX and USA channels! WTHeck?

So, as a junkie... I guess I'm not truly a junkie, because I won't pay for them. First off... I can't afford to pay for them. Secondly... I'm not that addicted. At least I guess I'm not. I won't pay to feed my habit. So... what am I to do?

Uh... note to self: Change the frickin' TiVo setup to KEEP all episodes until deleted. AND watch them on a more regular basis. If it's a cable channel... watch QUICKLY! they might disappear!

As for my other crack-habits... I'm still a-craftin' and computin' away... Dunno what to do about those...

Once again, as a junkie... in anything, I'm pretty pathetic. There are just some things I refuse to pay for. What about you?

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  1. Yeah, I have piled on way more "favorite must see shows" than I'd like..but it is what it is!


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