Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Catchin' Up on JB01 AND! JB02 - Jingle Belles Challenges

Last night I was so tired. Had to get my sleep on. Had to get up and walk the dog (our most loveable family member... she deserved that extra quiet time, and so do I!). Now I've woken up most of the kiddos and am sipping my coffee... So, here's the little bits I promised last night.
Let's go backwards...

Last week's challenge (JB02) was "inchies" (from "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" [GET IT? I do... lol!]).  Now some of you might not know what "inchies" are literally an inch. It is art in a box... a one inch box. Some of you may call them deco squares, but most people call them inchies, and they are super popular right now. FYI... if you have lots of scraps around, use them to make these simple items and decorate your borders, your ATC (artist trading cards), your regular cards and other things.

Here's my take:

My "Inchie" Card
I don't usually make square cards, but I was feeling a little square after making all these inchies...
(I know the background is a little busy [see all the craft crap?] but forgive, as I was busy!)

 So, here's a closeup of my inchies...
I actually did the background (shadow) of the inchies in 1 1/4"
Then I cut white cardstock into inches and Glimmer-Misted them with English Ivy
And then... I used my stash! Those green-glittered pieces? are the leftovers off my Cricut mat
from my Scrolled Christmas Trees (Christmas Noel Cartridge)
that I just.couldn'
I prefer the phrase "frugal crafter", people... NOT!
You see this? This is pleated ribbon. I totally tried to give credit where credit was due,
But, CRAP! I can't find the blog or the video where someone did this!
I used Tim Holtz's Tiny Attacher to pleat the ribbon, folding it this way and that as I stapled
teeny tiny little staples all over that card. Yes... I worked it. (and caught up on some TV while doing so!)
If you know where the video or blog is, please leave it in the comments and I'll hook it up. Thanks!

On to the first week's card (JB01)... The challenge was "Something Old, Something New". Um... yeah. I'm old, so I'm puttin' that up there! I pondered and thought, thought and pondered. And so... I was looking through all of my accumulated stash (once again, people... NOT a hoarder!!! Frugal crafting is the correct terminology here...). I found all kinds of stuff, but nothing that really inspired me. And then... I started going through my sewing stuff. I found some super old lace and went off that!

I had some ribbon that is fairly new that I would never even use so... yeah... don't know why I even had it... because, well... pink is just NOT my thing. But... I decided to go with the flow (and it was flowin'!), and I came up with this:

I used my Fastenator for the two sentiments.
Tip? Um yeah... make sure you have the correct "word" and facing the right way before you push down!
 See the ribbon? So not me, but oh so very cute... AND! It is self-adhesive,
so it saved me some of my own...
(and btw... this is the "new" because everything else was "old"!)
And, I used beads from my stash, buttons from my stash,
cool green lime chalk (for the background) from my stash,
and awesome chunky red glitter from my stash.

Can I get a "WHOOP, WHOOP!"? I did it... all caught up and cleaning up to do! Woohoo, woohoo!


  1. YES, indeedy!!!!! you can get a "WHOOP WHOOP" and a "WAHEY" and by golly i'll even throw in a "HUZZAH"...and all of those can be TIMES TWO seeing as how you have gone above and beyond the call of crafty duty!

    i'm soooooooooo diggin' the seriously resourceful "FRUGAL CRAFTINESS" you have shown here (i, too, am a figure of some repute in the field!) by USING all those little saved treasures in such clever ways! i ♥looooooove♥ those sparklee green inchies, that pleated ribbon technique ROCKS...and can i just say that "pink-n-green" miiiiiiight be my favorite of all xmas color combos?!

    ps: you know you DO NOT have to do all of the prompts, right?! not that we do not LOVE seeing them at ANY time, but you can dash in and out WHENEVER it works for you!!!

  2. Those are so stinkin' cute! I've never heard of inchies before, but I'm very full of slack right now when it comes to my scrapbooking.

  3. You are most certainly the empress of the frugal crafting empire ... love how you re-purposed all of those great bits and bobs that are just too cool to part with ... love both of these fun cards ... so many great details ... thanks for joining our jingle belle journey.

  4. ok, yeah, you've busted me on the colors & the hintin'! :) :) :) i do GENUINELY love that combination, though...hopefully enough for BOTH of us??!

    at least i know for a fact that you HAVE some verrrrry cool xmas ingredients that are pink-n-green! (here's your chance to use up that fab RIBBON, which is TOTALLY frugal, eh?!) plus, you know, there's nothing to say you can't make a card that's MOSTLY green with a teeeeeeeeny bit of shades that will hopefully GROW on you once you get goin?! :) (good luck!) ♥

  5. just starting to learn about scrapbooking so very cool to learn about inchies. thanks!


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