Monday, January 3, 2011

Too Good To Pass UP! Cricut Carts @ Michaels... $9.99

Kristin, over at The Crafty Kitchen shared the news. Listen up...

ALL CRICUT CARTRIDGES NORMALLY PRICED $69.99 WILL BE $9.99!!! (excluding Imagine carts...)

Are you happy? I am... now I just have to find some money! If you'd like to see the original post, click here. 
There's some talk though... on other sites, that the sale may/may not start on SATURDAY... so... call your local Michael's and find out. Woohoo! And if you see me there, I'll either give you cuts or you can give them to me! (scratchin' eachother's backs is a good thing!)

And btw... I just discovered this wonderful blog, and I'm running right back to check it out some more... you should, too!

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