Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fresh Start (again) Anyone?

OK... here we go again. Sometimes, you get caught up in the business of things and other things slip right by you. This is going to be a week of starting over...

So... I've sent some of you my digi-scrapbook pages from Sunday (hoped you like it... if you haven't seen your e-mail or didn't get one, check it out at http://www.smilebox.com/playBlog/4d5445334d546b344f513d3d0d0a) Enjoy the photos and the fun!

We went to the OC! It wasn't like on TV or in the movies... we stayed away from the pier, where it was TOTALLY chaotic (extreme sports contests and other Labor Day weekend fare were there). We secluded ourselves between Tower 10 and 11, and got there REALLY early! Our hot butts were out the door before 7:30am on Sunday! Yikes!

Miss Marissa was wild about it! She kept running around in circles, having a good time. We built sandcastles and made sand angels (no I didn't get pics of all that... didn't think to bring out the camera until later!). She tuckered her little self out, so she fell asleep in my arms around 7pm. What a day!

And while she slept, the rest of our group, minus the Kahuna (Juan), dug a LARGE hole. Everyone took turns getting in and taking pics, then the Jr. Kahuna (Junior... lol!), wrapped himself up, mummy-style and jumped in! The beach bums (Jolene & Ariel, Efren & Diana, Stacy and Rey-Rey) buried him alive (pics are in the scrapbook link)! He finally couldn't take the pressure of the weight and the wet sand... Breathe, Jr., Breathe!

Anyway... we closed the beach and moved on out... back to 110 degree weather in the Inland Empire.

Yesterday, it was cooler, but still hot! I have lots to show you from our trip to the Museum of Natural History on Saturday... the Butterfly Pavilion was beautiful... until later... lisa

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