Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Little Princesses are Busy Today

With a little 2-year-old who seems to want to dress and undress every other minute, it's hard to get anything done. Yes, she is cute. Yes, I am fortunate to have a healthy beautiful child who loves me. Yes, I'm going NUTSO!

She is my little architect. She loves blocks, she keeps building houses and castles with them. But, like most children, she doesn't want to do the cleanup, and she destroys what she's built with a wild imagination! (Her favorite "voice" to use is a deep-sounding monster.)

The early mornings are spent taking the elder princesses to school. They go to two different schools this year, which can be quite trying in the traffic of the morning. (It seems fellow drivers of mine seem to forget politeness and respect while on the road. Mind you, I am always polite and always right! LOL!!!) But, nonetheless, Stacy (and the girls' friend, Cassie) get to the high school (yes, she is NOW that old!) somewhere between 7:30 and 7:48am, depending on if we ran "late" or not... and Rey gets to the middle school before 8am. The schools are right next to each other, with access to the building SUPER far apart, and single lane two-way streets with gobs of drivers... YIKES!

Princess Stacy is a full-blown Freshman this year and takes FOREVER to get ready. She is thrilled to get to (finally) wear make-up, although I don't allow "too" much. She is taking AVID (Avenues Via Independent Determination) - check it out at! This is SO great for kids and teaches them lots of things they don't seem to learn in school anymore. With the always changing state standards, it is hard for the teachers to teach the eternally important items such as note-taking, organization, test-taking strategies and the like. She will also be on the swim team and is currently contemplating water polo. She is still attending Sylvan Learning Center ( and continues to grow (mentally, not physically... she is still "short!").

Princess Rey is a "Rule-the-School" eighth-grader this year and can't wait to join the high school next year. She applied for the Peer Mediation Program and was accepted. Hopefully, she will give excellent advice and help other kids solve problems with each other. She continues to be enrolled in GATE (Gifted and Talented Education). She is a little bit peeved, due to her sister gets to wear the make-up, and she doesn't...

They both still swim with MVAQ (Moreno Valley Aquatics,, enjoy scrapbooking, and enjoy antagonising their baby sister and basically driving me crazy! But no one wants to hear that, now... or do they? Hmmmm....

So, there's a quick update on the goings on here... I'll give you more later...

I'm back to finishing a couple of sewing projects before I start on the girls' (and Jake's) costumes. I am working on a tote for a friend that donated all of her old jeans to me to make purses and totes out of... Here's a pic of a purse I made for a birthday recently.
Stacy and Rey are planning on being "vampire fairies" (very original, and their idea!), while Marissa and Jake (my nephew) are going to be Raggedy-Ann & Raggedy-Andy. They should all turn out cute! I'll do pics, but you'll have to wait!
And hey, check out the stuff in the margins! I've been trying to add more stuff, including a poll (very generic for now)... Toodles for now! lisa

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