Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Flying Times

Sunday night went too quickly. I guess with everything that happened this weekend, we were all exhausted. Sleep was nice. I fell asleep during Desperate Housewives and woke up for the last 10 minutes of Brothers & Sisters, so I can't tell you what happened, but you are more than welcome to fill me in, as I didn't tape it. Ugh!

Monday went quickly, too. Dropped the girls off in the morning with Stac thinkin' she was "oh so cute" in her new grey cord jacket (a find this weekend!). With the girls in school, and trying to get the dial-up to go quicker, I lost track of the morning. Buh-bye! Not sure what Miss Mo and I did, but hey! The time was certainly gone!

Oh yeah! Me, DH and Miss Mo went to McD's for lunch, so she could "play". That was fun, then off to Home Depot (one of my favorite stores)! However, we did not purchase anything. I went looking for other lavenders that I may not have, which they had none. And DH wanted to buy gopher traps, saying they would catch everything, included our family of squirrels. However, he told me I would be removing the little critters from the traps, to which I had to decline. So we left. I know he was trying to do well, but I didn't want to take care of that mess, especially since when I am usually out in the yard, Miss Mo is with me, too. Oh well. C'est la vie!

But the afternoon was spent talking to a good friend and scrapbooking. Then off to pick up the girls. Food, baths, then Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor (again I taped Drive... still haven't seen the 1st 2 episodes).

Dancing - don't know who's going home, but they all looked like they had a great time, especially with the group dance. Wish I was able to have that kind of fun, but I can't dance like that!

The Bachelor - Thank goodness Stephanie, South Carolina is finally gone. She was absolutely the most conceited person there and kept talking smack and thinking she was the only one with a "connection". Whatever. Good riddance.

Today was quite fun. Home Town Buffet is great for a kid who you never know what they are going to eat. Today Miss Mo picked Jello and chicken. I think she ate the cheese off the pizza and some plain spaghetti noodles, too. But the chocolate milk and the ice cream were her faves. She asked to go "home", which really means she just wants to leave. And so, we left, then she asked to go "this way", and then started yelling for Mickey and Minnie. OK... she thinks that "Minnie's House" is the Disney Store. So... guess where we went! But we got out of there for less than what I thought we would. They have a great sale going on. Lots of character shirts (including adult sizes) are $4.99. Lots of things are $4.99!!!! So GO!!! Then I went on with my regular day... pick up kids, tutoring, swimming... lucky me, I got home and DH wanted Papa John's! So, I don't have to cook! Hmmm... is this a sign??? Gotta go! Doorbell's ringing!

Toodles for now! lisa

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  1. Lisa, you really need to get a job if you have time for a "Bog". LOL


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