Sunday, September 9, 2007

Talking, Talking...

It's Aunt Chris's Birthday! Congrats and I'm glad you made it there! Have a Happy One and enjoy your "time laid-back".

Today Miss Marissa has talked about nothing but: 1) "the animals" 2) Grandma's house and 3) "Maagett's" (pronounced with an "awe" sound - being Margaret's) House. Ugh! Not to say that any of these things are awful... just to hear it over and over and over and over... You get the picture...

First off... "the animals" is the movie Barnyard, which she saw the other day, but had to "give back." Though the movie was somewhat stupid in parts, it held humor, even for the adults... I laughed my @ off! LOL! Uh, however, if you watch it... you just need to remember this is fiction. There is nowhere in the world where there are male cows. And even then, male cows wouldn't have udders. Just wash that away from your mind, and you can probably enjoy the movie.

Secondly, she's been asking since Saturday about Grandma's house. She wants to go pick up Stacy and Rey. She also asks to see "Jakie," "Uncle Dosh" (Josh) and ... get this one... gotta love it... "Auntie 'Ic" (Auntie Vic). I just love the way she can't pronounce certain consonants just yet. It all comes out so cute and endearing. It's just SOOOO cute! But we'll be going there today, to meet up with everyone and have dinner.

As for "Maagett's" house... I've had to tell her over and over again. "They aren't home!" Every time we are in the car, or going to be in the car. She wants to see everyone. She individually names off everyone in their family, including "Peter Pan" (Pete - the dad). I tell her after she's named a person. "He [or she] is not home. They went to their Grandma's house." And I mean everyone, including their wonderful dog, Annie. After going through the whole list, Marissa says a disappointed "Oh....!"

So, of course we will be going soon. I just have to finish up what I was doing and finish making my portion of the meal. Toodles for now! lisa

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