Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Princess and Marissa

We went to the quincenera last night and did not return until 1am! Whew!

OK... I finished sewing a portion of the gifts on Friday night, but Miss Marissa felt the need to wake up at 7am! Yuck! I was tired and still wanted to sleep, but so is life with kids, especially little ones.

And sew (I mean "so") the day began. Did I mention I was already tired? Hmm... So, in honor of Michelle's Quince Anos, I wrote a poem for her card:


You are leaving your
World of comfort and youth
Entering the unknown
Outside of your booth

Fifteen is a time,
A changing of seasons…
For many continual

Your interests begin
To grow
You can learn to cook
And learn to sew

You can dabble and play
With objects of art
But, in the end,
You’ll follow your heart

And when you feel life
Taking its toll,
Sit down and have some
“Chicken Soup… For Your Soul”

But for now, RELAX!...
Enjoy your coming out
And have no doubt…
After all, that’s what it’s all about!

For those of you who seriously know me, you know I really like to do my own cards. Now, my program is out of whack to do the cards from, so I printed it via the computer and then stencilled (chalked) in designs and words for the cover. I think it turned out pretty good.

Then... I wrapped the gift. I love to wrap gifts. I like to be original and do things very creatively. So, it probably was a little "different" for some. But, the poem actually refers to the gifts, as well. She received (from us), 3 aprons (one Christmas, one "everyday", and one Halloween), a small starter sewing kit, and Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul - THE REAL DEAL. Here's a pic of the "wrapped" package...

Stacy & Rey were excited. I was letting them wear "high" wedge heels, and they were ecstatic!

Marissa fell asleep before leaving, but woke up when we got there. She seemed ok to go. However...

Upon seeing "lots" of people, she all of a sudden wanted to go home. And clung to either me or Juan for most of the first hour. The death grip was overwhelming! Eventually, she loosened up, then had to follow "the princess" around all night, or as much as we would let her. (We didn't know what she was talking about, at first, then when she pulled me to Michelle in a ballroom gown and tiara... I understood!) Marissa wanted her cake. She finally got it and loved each and every bite! She also had her first bout with sparkling cider... yummo! She danced and ran and genuinely had a great time... and finally fell asleep on the way home.

So, at the end of the night... Michelle, the birthday girl had a new name, "the Princess." That name will probably be with her forever, where Marissa is concerned. From the moment she got up this morning, she wanted "my princess." (We were given "recuerdos" - memorial photos of the occasion of Michelle in full regalia.) Marissa got her "Princess" trading card. She was just in complete awe. It was almost like going to Disneyland for her (only cheaper... lol)!

Michelle's Quince Anos
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There are more pictures in this slide show... For those of you who took really great pics... some of the photos I couldn't put in this because of the format... you wouldn't have had heads or feet... sorry! Otherwise, it's a more complete review of some of the party. It only held 20 pics, so I did the best I could. (I'm also not sending this one out to everyone. You can view it here...)

The party was beautifully done... Thank you Carlos & Olga for inviting us. It was wonderful!

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  1. what? no pics of the girls in the heels? lol


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