Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Little Lipgloss and a Lost Friend Found

I love the digital camera! You can waste a ton of shots and still never get the right picture! Remarkably, every time I think I have the right timing on the delay, the battery seems to go low and take forever or something else happens. Whatever! Technology will continue to advance, and take us with it. Thank goodness, though we can "waste" all of those shots, as we really might find a good one in there... somewhere...

And so as I did my normal Thursday stuff (laundry day... isn't that fun?!), little Miss Marissa wanted to wash her hands. Now, this is really ok, as I've discovered I'm raising a really clean kid. She may not want to potty train (bummer... I HATE DIAPERS!!!), but she wants her hands clean at all times, even in the middle of a meal. And God forbid, she should get her shirt wet or dirty! Gotta get that kid clean. It can be funny but also quite trying.

I looked at her hands to find all of this pink "stuff" on her. It smelled pretty good, too! Yummy, kind of like a berry. My gosh! It smelled like lipgloss! You know... the kind you used to eat (lick it off your lips or eat it right from the tube) when either you or your sister [if you're a guy] got some in your stocking from Santa... usually came in a clear candy-cane tube... usually labelled as "Bonne Belle" or "Coca-Cola" (my fave!) and now comes in such wonderful flavors (I mean scents) such as Chocolate-covered Twinkies and other yummy sugary delights. Come on! You know you liked it, too! I still do. My older girls have started with the yummy stuff, and I see them whipping it out much too often... you know it didn't "wear" off in that short amount of time!

Hmm... maybe I should try that for a weight-loss method! I could taste the sweets without the calories! Yeah! I should patent that intellectual property right now!

Back to Miss Marissa... I sweetly asked her where she got it. She sweetly and excitedly told me from a bracelet, and pointed to her arm. I looked at her wrist and there it was... a Dora the Explorer bracelet, with the watch face twisted slightly to show a compartment containing... you guessed it!.. lipgloss! The stuff was pink and pretty, but really light, so I'm not sure you can see it in the picture. But here goes! Yeah, it looks like you can see it... I wonder if that one tastes as good as it smells! I'm guessing it is strawberry. As she was smacking her lips, saying, "MMM... mmm... Yum, yum." And she likes strawberries. I guess she gets the "make-up gene" from her sisters, because I don't think I have it! (Although I think I did when I was a teenager...)

I spent some more time answering an e-mail that was sent to me from a friend I thought I'd lost some time ago. Every once in a while, I check out the reunion-type websites and try to look for old friends. It is basically a curiosity thing. Well, out of the blue, someone e-mailed me a couple of weeks ago, slapping my hand for not signing their guestbook! OMG! Someone actually knew I had been there! But hey! That's ok. It was someone I actually missed dearly from my youth. So those are the kind of benefits you get from a paid subscription. I never paid for them, as I guess I had never figured they were worth it. Well, from a paid subscription, my lost friend found gets to view all of those who visited her profile! I'm glad she did. Now we are back in touch and maybe someday, I'll finally get to see her! (Although she still looks the same in her photos! You go, girl!) I think I overwrote her, and she may never reply again (sigh...). But I hope she will!

I checked my veggie garden. The squirrels are still there and having a blast. In the past few days, they have dug a space between the soil and the fencing, leaving an easy escape for them should I come into view. They can scamper to the neighbor's yard. Stupid things! I swear I'm going to fix them when I take everything out this year.

The plants are lush and green and filling the space nicely. You would never know I didn't get much from them this year. The squirrels had a nice feast. I'm sure every day is Thanksgiving to them. My PETA friends should be happy I am feeding the squirrels, every mangy-looking one of them.

Have you ever seen a California Ground Squirrel? They are not the cute, fluffy-tailed things of the cartoons or stuffed at the museums. They literally look like what they are... rodents. They behave in much the same manner as other rodents do. These squirrels fight off each other when rushing for food. They have scarred and half-eaten tails and look fairly ugly. They are not afraid of humans. I have been eating at the breakfast nook in my kitchen while one of them jumped and attached itself to the screen on the window, looking right at me! They like to get into the cans, the trash, and anything else you may leave outside. Not only do they destroy my vegetables, they also like to dig in my other flower beds and the lawn, killing precious plants. I have a new-found dislike in life. I don't like squirrels. Hopefully, with all of the "natural remedies" I'm planning on saturating my soil with this fall, the squirrels won't be returning to my garden in the spring.

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