Sunday, September 23, 2007

I LOVE LA... we love it! we love it! And another birthday...

And so... the saga continues... Monday, Laureen and I went to LA, the Fashion District. She was a virgin (new to the LA fabric scene)... So, the sights and the prices were very new to her.

We had a wonderful time and found so many great deals! To anyone who buys polar fleece, go there! It is worth the trip. At $2.50 a yard, you can't go wrong. Also, I had never been in the "Loft" of Michael Levine Fabrics, and I fell in love with it! $2 a pound! Yeah! I got a lot of fabric (a full bag!) and only spent $8. What a steal! And buttons... some of the accessories and notions just have the greatest things. I bought a dozen extremely large buttons for $2. At Jo-Ann's and Walmart, these same buttons (size, style, and color) were $2.10 for only 2!!!! You cannot go wrong.

The trick is to go with a list. But, this trip was much shorter than when we go with the girls... we aren't checking out all of the clothes, purses, shoes, etc. This was a fabric trip only!!! And Marissa was SO good! Laureen loved it! She was thrilled and is (hopefully) planning another trip much sooner! We had a great time and were back before the girls got out of swimming practice.

Mimi's is one of the girls' favorite restaurants. Since it was Grandma Laureen's last night, she was taking us out to eat - girls' choice. And they chose Mimi's Cafe. I love their carrot raisin bread before the meal comes. Yummy! There is actually stuff there that our finicky child (Marissa) will eat, as well. So, it makes for an excellent choice. Grandma Laureen had never been there either, and (I believe) she was rather impressed. It still remains a #1 choice for us! You've got to try their corn chowder! It's the best. The recipe can be found here: Also, their buttermilk spice muffins are to die for!

The following day (Tuesday), we entertained ourselves in the morning, looking at Walmart's Halloween and Christmas displays. Then the time had come... we packed up Grandma Laureen and went back to the airport, but not without stopping a Jo-Ann's (Fabric Store) on the way. With coupons and some of their sale items, the prices aren't too bad...
I already miss her! I left her at the check-in curb... and couldn't drive my car. I put in "drive," pushed the gas... and nothing happened! Yikes! Leaning my ear to the wheel, I realized I had turned the ignition off. Only me! Oh well!
Back to the normal life for me... but on the way home, I stopped at Michael's Arts & Crafts. Miss Marissa has come to love painting. She really likes to paint birdhouses, but that gets rather expensive. So I stopped at Michael's to take advantage of their sale. I got wood trinkets and stuff (Halloween) at 5/$1. She loves them! Plus... the Apple Barrel paints were on sale at 2/$1. I got a couple of the kids' poster paint kits (paint brush and little filled paint pots) for her to use, then just keep replenishing them (once emptied) with the purchased paints. Works for me! She is the next Michelangelo...
Back to School Night for Rey was next! Yay! I just love fighting for a seat! Unlike most of Stacy's classes, the parents in GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) actually go. My mom went, too! It was nice to see such a turnout and to hear such positive things about all of the kids!
Dinner! I've never had Pick Up Stix... I've only played the game as a child. But hey! Their food is really good! They use more water chestnuts than most fast-food Chinese restaurants, so that was a nice change. The flavors are awesome, the rice is not over-cooked, and the have these wonderful little apple-filled rolls. Quite the taste-bud treat! Even better... there is a Starbucks next door! (Okay, so one door over...)
And then we ate at home every night after that! Our "normal" life was back in swing. Thursday we had a "fun" night. We took our leftovers to a friends house, and they brought their leftovers out. We had a total mix-and-match leftover feast! It really worked! Then we celebrated the birthday of our friend, Cassandra, with cupcakes (or if Ashley's reading this... "brownie" cakes!). My fault... Cassie's birthday was in August, but I didn't make them in time... Sorry...

Friday was pizza night and I was sewing again. I made a wonderful little gift for my friend, Kim. Her birthday was Wednesday. Such a horrible friend am I that I hadn't been on the computer and finally was catching up early Friday morning and saw the reminder from So I called and wished her a belated birthday!
We were going to get together the following day to celebrate, along with everybody else! So, I stitched this cute apron up for her! Now the girls want one, too!

As for the program... I love it! It e-mails you to remind you of friends' birthdays and gives you the option to e-mail greetings to them! And it's FREE!

***BTW... if you would like one... doesn't have to be Halloween. Can be everyday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc... let me know. I'm taking orders @ $10 each for basic fabrics. Custom depends on the fabric pricing, unless you supply your own...

So, yesterday was the party. The food was great, the people were fun, and Marissa was a pain! So we stayed a couple of hours and ate and talked and had a wonderful cake. Kimmy & Stan certainly know how to make people feel welcome! I could go back any time!

Today was catch-up day. Am I caught up? Uh... what do you think? Huh! I am still working on it. But, with the close of this post, I am getting there and can cross one more thing off my list! Yeah!

But hey! The new television season is here... and I am a couch potato (or bed potato... wherever I choose to watch it), so you know what I'll be doing tonight... That about wraps it up... Toodles for now... lisa

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