Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sew Nice for a Birthday

OMG! Someone commented! OMG! Wow! Someone actually reads this? Thank you! To the anonymous commenter... THANK YOU!

Not only was there a comment, but it was extremely useful. Who would have known there was a website devoted to pig collectors? I wouldn't have... but I used the info, sent in my request and forwarded the website, to Stacy! (Now let's hope she realizes she needs to press the "send/receive" button at the top of Outlook!)

I found it wonderfully warm that someone would actually care enough to give me awesome information and help me out in need. Thanks again!

This week has been hectic, but aren't they all?! (BTW... I am way behind in watching taped TV - did I mention I need TIVO?, and writing... I'll catch up one day, or just maybe start over...)

Miss Marissa is at the throws of the "terrible twos," which will probably go on for the rest of her life. (At least that's the way it feels right now!)

She has become the world's pickiest eater... well maybe not the pickiest, but getting there. She once liked vegetables. We are at the stage where she refuses to eat any vegetables. Not even starchy vegetables, i.e. corn, potatoes (unless they are fries, of course). Fruits, she is ok with. Meats... ugh! She will only eat chicken. And it cannot be in any kind of sauce. She even picks the ground beef out of spaghetti! Mac and Cheese, other noodles, and stuff are ok. She does not like Alfredo sauce. No gravies, etc. either. Pizza, chicken, and spaghetti... hmm... sounds like I should open a Shakey's, huh? Oh! She did discover dried blueberries and dried strawberries this week and LOVES them! Yeah! Something else she can eat that is healthy!

And the tantrums have been raving! If I did not know this kid, I would think she had multiple personalities. One second she is screaming and crying. With the flick of something interesting, the waterworks turn off, and lo and behold... she is a sweet kid again! Whew! If that doesn't tire you out, then I don't know what will. And she still goes and goes... Yikes!

My brother came out this week and re-networked all of the computers. So, for those of you who have been waiting... the girls have their own e-mails again. Just e-mail me to get the addies... They actually have their room fairly clean, in order to be able to surf the net. Geez! I'm getting sick of hearing about the Jonas Brothers! LOL! It seems to be Rey's fave thing now-a-days!

I just finished a sleepover with my sewing machine. I put together some items for a cousin's quincenera (15th birthday party). It was hard to figure out what to get her (Michelle's birthday was last Sunday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHELLE!), as she's one of those that has almost everything. So, I figured if I make something... she wouldn't already have it now, would she? I'll publish photos and stuff and tell more another day... just in case someone reading is going to the party. If so... see ya there!

Chat with ya all later... gotta go! Toodles for now - lisa

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