Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gotta Kick It Up!

I-yiy-yiy... however you spell it!

Got the massive headache going here, along with a stuffed head (nose, throat, etc.). It really sucks. At least I can write. I've been writing some articles for the freelancing I received last week. That is so fun. It is really interesting to see everything I have in my head down on paper (or the computer screen... hee, hee...). I didn't know I knew so much! Of course I did, but when you get all of the words written, it looks like so much more.

Yesterday was too much for me, though. I thought I was coming off the sick wagon. We went to Stacy's water polo game - NO, it didn't rain! - and the team played really well. It was slamming and dunking and really great fun to watch. When we first got there, I thought I was going to a pool party (a little cold for it, but hey!). There was rockin' music being blasted from the pool deck. Apparently, the home team plays music for warm-up, time-outs, and intervals between periods. It was all cool (cold, too.) The girls were really into the game, this time. They've started being a lot more aggressive, much like the other teams they've been playing. This is not a timid sport, and they were kind of shying away from the aggressiveness, almost like they were afraid. Naivety is not for water polo. But they finally went for it yesterday.

The other team, however, was super aggressive and had this one player who we nickname "the Submarine." This girl was pretty large, and would show her hands to the refs, to show she wasn't holding one of our players down, but yet was sinking our player with her feet. We (the spectators) saw it, so how could the refs not? Yet, throughout the whole game, she was not called on this. Amazing.

It's really too bad they started playing this way towards the end of the season. The beginning would have been much better. But, at least they are getting there. I believe they have 4 more games to play. Let's hope they stay playing at this new level of combativeness. They just have got to kick it up, and keep it there.

Marissa threw up between the game and getting home. I thought maybe it was just from over-activity on her part (she twirled around a tarp pole for a lot of the game). Now I'm not so sure, as this morning (and most of last night, too), I felt the stuffy head with queasy stomach syndrome. Yikes. Didn't I just get over the other end?

But, we all know, mommies don't get sick days. I still took the kids to school, did dishes, and have done 3 puzzles with Marissa, as well as began preparing Juan's lunch. I would love to lay down and rest my weary-achy-stuffy head and body, but there is just no way. And so, I've got to kick it up, too.

We will have to wait and see what the day brings. Even though I'm not feeling so hot, I'm still looking forward to Super Bowl. It's not necessarily the game, as the food, commercials and half-time show. Something to think about... I still need to finish planning what I'm taking. Hmm... let me think (and write some more)... Toodles for now! lisa

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