Monday, February 4, 2008

Some Weeks Are Harder than Others...

If you've missed my postings, you're not alone... so do I. However, there just hasn't been much time. Between feeling kind of ill, seeing everyone else get ill (I'm a total gagger!!!), water polo games (regardless of how I feel, Stacy still needs my support), writing (small articles), taking care of Miss Marissa, and handling all of the drama that comes my way... we'll just say some weeks have been harder than others, with last week being one of the really hard ones.

It seems that last week was a difficult one for other friends of mine, as well. Almost everyone had at least one sickie in their family last week, if not more! What's the deal? Not everyone lives around me!

I've had the stuffy head and plugged ears syndrome for over a week now. Everything sounds "hollow" to me. There is an echoing in my head, and I feel like my ears are going to pop. Ouch! I sure hope I get over it soon.

But that's nothing! My dad (in Northern California) had "chest pains" early Friday evening and was admitted to the hospital. Apparently, it was much more serious than he suspected, as he was air-flown to Reno, Nevada and admitted there. My dad is extremely healthy and active, even in his "old" age (he's 62 - I think...). This was the last thing we expected. My aunt (his youngest sister) died at an relatively young age, but "we" attributed her heart condition to the lifestyle she led; my other aunt (his older sister) had heart problems a couple of years ago, almost died, and luckily came out of it (but once again, it was attributed to "lifestyle" [i.e. smoking, high fat diet, etc.]). My dad eats well and is a labor worker, doesn't smoke, drinks occasionally (not an alcoholic), hates coffee, goes, hiking, biking, boating, making friends, etc. Pretty much, he could be an adult version a Boy Scout! Then this hits... ugh!

Maybe it is hereditary, afterall. It's really something I'd rather not add to the list. There is already cancer (in a big way), depression, anxiety... and of course.. we're all a little bit crazy.

Regardless, he seemed to be doing fine. He was told he had thin vessel walls (like my aunt) and scheduled for a double by-pass surgery to be done this morning. Thank goodness they can see more things when they open people up. Skip the double... he went on to the triple by-pass surgery. They found another one. And so... he is doing well, and still out. He should be a little groggy and out of it for the next couple of days. We'll see where he is at later. Before surgery, he thought he was only going to be limited (in activities) for a couple of months. Uh... Search and Rescue is probably out, Dad! I'm just glad there were no complications and everything seems to be okay. Please, no more surprises.

As for us, here. We are okay. We have carried on with life. Saturday, we took Marissa to the circus. (I'll put that in another post... all by itself...) Sunday was Super Bowl. Gotta love the commercials! I didn't particularly care for the half-time show, but the game itself was riveting and very excellent. The food at my mom's house was great, too!

Kudos to Rey for trying a new recipe - Pork & Cabbage Dumplings with Dipping Sauce (you can get the recipe and photos at [dumplings] and [dipping sauce]). She had seen them done on America's Test Kitchen last week and wanted to make them for the Super Bowl party. They tasted wonderful, and looked like they were purchased at an Asian restaurant. Good job!

Don't think I simply "partied," as I was pretty stressed out and waiting for horrible phone calls. Hospitals and family illness really do make me feel stressed and full of anxiety. I watched, waited, and anticipated. Through it all, everyone's still okay.

Whelp... gotta go. I've just been assigned "e-mailing" the family with the news of my dad's excellent numbers, non-pale skin, and overall is great condition for just enduring what he did. Please continue to bless him and pray for him. Toodles for now! lisa

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