Friday, January 18, 2008

More De-Cluttering...

Hopefully, the people who say they will pick up my stuff will pick it up! Yay! Less for me to clutter my home and less to dust (or collect it!).

And while I was doing that computer updating (phone numbers, addresses, e-mails, etc.), I happened across some belated birthdays (they weren't in my computer!). Got those cards addressed and sent out, too! I'm on a roll... (don't roll your eyes!)

However, from this little itty bitty stint, I found 3 more things that should have been put away with the Christmas items! Yikes!!!!!!!!! Does it ever end? It is almost like an invasion of the Christmas stuff! I thought, once again, that I had it all taken care of, but no! That snowman candle just had to come out of hiding on my mantle. I think I've gotten it all now. I'll put the "found" items up when we "rearrange" the rafters next month.

I missed the boat on a sale I forwarded to everyone else! How does that happen? It's called procrastination. I could have paid only 10 cents for each photo, but didn't bother to take the time to finish them and upload prior to the sales' expiration on the 12th. Sorry me! Next time. I will put it on my calendar and have the event "pop" up at me as a reminder. Otherwise, I will just keep overspending $$$. And who has that? Not I!

It's tax time! Don't forget! And the sooner you file (if you are getting a return...) the sooner someone else can stop collecting interest on your $$$. Don't let it happen to you, and don't let them charge interest and penalties (which they do...) on money that should be returned to you. Make sure you file on time!

Well, back to work... Toodles for now! lisa

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