Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Here Comes the Rain Again...

That may be so, but it is sunny inside! I feel great. I feel wonderful. I'm probably annoying you. Oh well, such is life!

Tuesday's water polo game was a gripper! It was actually the most exciting game I've been to all season. The other team was extremely aggressive and totally tried to overpower our players. However, our girls took it in stride! It was a hairy game, with lots of "dirty" things being done by the opposite team (like face slaps), but our girls lost. They did play an awesome game, though!

Monday night was an all-nighter. I have a "bug." In the scrapbooking world, that's what it is called. In the general public's world, it is called a "personal die cutter." It is way too cool! Anyway, I used my bug (called a bug because of its name -Cricut [pronounced like cricket]) to create lettering for one of Rey's book reports that was due. It turned out fairly cute. The book was about hockey, so I input letters and numbers for section titles, her name, date & the period into a "ticket" form. Cute, if I don't say so myself. She said everybody liked it, but she had not yet received a grade on it. She doesn't strive for perfectionism, but at least she did a better job than last time. (I had a cow last time! It was handwritten and SLOPPY!... not a good thing for a child with crafts in her genes!)

I made a new friend yesterday. We met online via a job center and have much of the same likes, even the same television shows! This will be a good relationship, both business and personal. Please wish us well together, as I will be writing for her about something I love to do... SCRAP! My kids are excited for me, as well.

Yeah! I am finally beginning work as a freelancer! How can it be "working" when it is so much fun! I am doing what I love to do... writing, researching, etc. and about topics that are near and dear to my heart! Hopefully, we will get my name out there and all will be well with the world, at least in our part of it!

Today is a Sylvan day with practice for both girls. So... while I have lots of spare time sitting in the car, I will be reading and learning knew info. It is always fun! Toodles for now! lisa

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