Monday, January 14, 2008

Did Ya Miss Me? Yeah... RIGHT!

My girls are back in school today. It was an earlier morning than usual, even for school time. Since today marks the first day of the new semester, the high school kids had to be there by 7am to pick up schedules. Thank goodness I get up when I hear an alarm... usually...

And so... the busy schedules begin again. It gives me more time to catch up with my blog, update all of you... and do things with Miss Marissa.

Today we started something different. Our local library does "Story Time," as I'm sure most of them do... but we (Marissa and I) had never gone. We walked over there before the 10 o'clock start time and they had already begun when we entered. I got Marissa seated, and she stared in rapt attention. The librarian's voice enchanted her. It also helped that the first two stories were two of her favorite characters (Clifford-the Big Red Dog, and Spot). She appeared pretty amazed that someone else knew the stories, too! Then they all got up and sang "Farmer in the Dell." It was the shorter version, but made simple for small children. They gathered around in a circle, and tried to move the circle... Marissa, my socially sheltered child, kind of stayed put (although she did hold hands with the others) and let the circle kind of move, but awkwardly around her... She'll get the hang of it eventually. They read a few more stories, sang some more songs, and played with musical instruments like maracas and tambourines. Marissa didn't smile once (probably because she was surrounded by total strangers), but stayed put and didn't come flying to me. So... I'm guessing she had a REALLY great time, as she keeps talking about it. I think we'll go back on Wednesday!

We checked out a couple of books, and bought some, too. In case you don't know about it, most libraries have a "Friends of the Library" section. Books are donated to the "Friends of the Library" and are sold, with the funds going directly to purchase new books for the library. Don't say, "Whatever..." Check it out! They are usually really inexpensive. I walked out of there paying $.50 each for one hard back and three soft covers. It is an awesome deal!

Stacy has a water polo game today. She's really good at it. She starts almost every game and has gotten quite aggressive. (That's her - #3, attempting to make a goal.) Luckily, a friend was there to get this great picture. If not, I wouldn't have gotten it... I'm not really good with the digital yet...
What you can see in the background is our previous "home" pool. Right now, we are relocated at another pool (for the swim team, as well) until this pool gets completely re-done. I'll try to snap a picture of that soon, before they finish construction. It currently looks almost ghostly. It took a while to drain the pool, as it is around one million gallons of water. What did they do with it? Got me! I've been wondering myself...
As for the swim team... Rey is getting back into the water tonight (I think...). Both she and Stacy are in a meet at the end of January (Marissa's birthday, to be exact!). It should good and cold, but Rey actually wanted to do it, so, kudos for her!
The vacation was nice, kind of still busy, but nice... And I sure am going to miss "sleeping in" and being semi-lazy, if that's what you want to call it. But, it's time to get the show on the road! Juan's lunch (and our dinner) awaits fixing, as well as an early pick up for Rey and Stacy's game, then a Board meeting and swim practice! Gotta go! CHARGE!!!!! Toodles for now - lisa

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