Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Birthday for Marissa and a COLD Swim Meet for the Rest

Marissa turned 3 today! Yeah! She was snoozing next to Juan this morning and kept rolling over to cuddle with him. He would move her and seconds later, she'd be right there on his shoulder. When she woke up slightly, he told her, "Happy Birthday, baby." She said, "Tank you." (without the "th" sound) and promptly started snoring on his shoulder. Too cute for words...

This morning was off. It was supposed to be raining all through the morning, but it was beautiful and sun shiny, but cold. Off to Redlands for a swim meet. Both Stacy and Rey were competing today. Rey shaved 10 seconds (that is a lot) off her 100 backstroke time, and Stacy forgot to check her time. Both girls appeared to do well their first race. Stacy was nervous, as since she just a birthday, as well, she "aged up" into another level (older girls). Rey will continue at the 13-14 level for another year.

It was a small group at the meet, only 4 families out of the whole team (another group of younger kids had already swam in the morning, but many other families forewent this meet). So, we stayed together and we all cheered on each kid during the events until...

The sky started darkening, the wind picked up, and it started to sprinkle. Then it started to pound. Like little nails, almost with the feel of hale; it was really cold! Finally, the sky poured out. It pelted the deck, and the swimming stopped. Did someone see lightening? I don't know. The referees blew their whistles, and the next heat mounted the blocks, ready to go. Stacy and Rey were going to swim one more event, but the rain started coming down even harder, and they changed their mind, as did almost everyone else. Two other families left at the same time as us, needing to get out of there. What can I say? We are all wimps. I can do a lot, but cold and wet is not one of them. (Well... maybe Marissa can... she loved it!)
So, we ran to my house, changed clothes, and went out to dinner. After all, it was Marissa's birthday, and she kept asking for a cake. Mimi's Cafe is a favorite place of ours, serving excellent food with excellent service. Marissa got her cake and a song, and we got to relax for a little bit. (By the way... I did get some more chicken soup there - Cream of Chicken Soup!)

The movies was next. We saw Enchanted again. Marissa asked for it, and it wouldn't hurt us to relax for another 2 hours. She still laughed and smiled for the movie, and wants to go see it again tomorrow. She came home singing the songs from the movie. She has only seen it twice, but has really picked up on the lyrics... Yikes! Help me... just kidding. It was a great movie, and we will probably buy it the day it comes out on DVD.

As for me... I'm feeling better today. We'll see how I feel after I sleep off the chill. Today was exhausting, and since I wasn't totally up to par, I'm not sure how much I drained out of me. It's time to hit the beddy-by... I have a lot to do tomorrow. Onward! (And thanks for all of your comments!) Toodles for now! lisa

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