Thursday, December 3, 2015

12 Days of Christmas (Day Ten)

Welcome back to the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop (Day Ten)! This hop will take place  November 24th through December 5th. Each of us will be posting something Christmas related each and every day at 8:00am, Eastern time (so for my Pacific Time Zone peeps... that's 5am... But don't worry, you can sleep in, and we'll all be here waiting for you, too!)... for 12 WHOLE DAYS! Let us inspire you to finish up that layout, make some special Christmas cards, or wrap that gift in a fun and festive way. If you've already started, you probably came from Barbara. She always has something great to share, doesn't she? Let's continue this 12-day crafting party... after today, there's only 3 more days to go!

Alrighty now and again...  I've said in Day One, I'm starting my portion of the hop with paper things. Things that are simple and easy to do. I've strayed quite a bit... going in all sorts of directions. But one thing has always been on point... I can always ADD paper to whatever I've shown you. Hahaha. Stretching it enough? Just thought I'd keep you on your toes, as I'm sure it was starting to read/sound like a spiel. As with Day TwoDay ThreeDay Four, Day Five, Day Six, Day Seven, Day Eight, and Day Nine... We are still with the Christmas theme meaning all things Christmas! The hop is entitled "12 Days of Christmas," is it not? and still again with simple [nor so much in the paper today] crafts. Today, I'm making you a garland. I made it a while back... so I don't have pics from beginning to end, but I believe you'll get the gist. And it is very VERY simple.

Let me set the scene... Maybe I should've taken a picture of the scene. Hmmm. Next time. I buy stuff. Lots of stuff. And I don't use it. And that makes me a hoarder. We all have fabric, right? Lots and lots and lots of fabric. Most of mine is Christmas fabric. I took a couple of yards of coordinating/contrasting fabric. Yes. It can do both at the same time. Duh. Think the negative or flip side of the fabric. Open your mind!!!! And I ripped it. How? I cut the edges (at the selvage) into 1-1/2" increments then grabbed the fabric on both sides of the cut and LET 'ER RIP! Um... Excuse me! *Giggle* pulled. It will make a sound. You are doing nothing wrong. And it's a totally great way to get out your holiday aggressions. Who needs road rage? That chick took your parking spot at the mall? RIP! That man took the last Hover Board (that you really couldn't afford anyway)? RIP! Pretty soon you'll have a huge pile of strips. Now... wash them. You read right. Wash them... no fabric softener, please... Now dry them. It kinda goes without saying... Again, no fabric softener sheets. Now pull them out and untangle them. Hahaha! Yes. They will tangle. Do not put them in a "bag" prior to washing or drying... We want them frayed. When you put them in a bag, they don't get bumped around and beat up.

They're untangled? Good. Now separate them out into "like" piles. You know... where it's all about the fabric print. Only exact same prints go in each pile.

While the fabric strips were washing, you should've been doing the following: Grab out those wire hangers from the dry cleaner. No. We are not making s'mores... Get a pair of gloves to protect those crafty hands of yours and a good set of wire cutters. Snip off the "hang" portion. That's what I call the little curved thing that hangs over the closet rod. I'm sure it has a name, but I don't know it and am actually too lazy or forgetful to look it up. If you know the name... feel free to sound off in the comments. I thank you ahead of time. Now snip of segments of 6-9" each. If you have a left-over bit, after you've "met" the ends, simply snip off the remainder of the wire. Do this to all of your hangers, depending on how long you want your garland to be.

Bend each segment into a tree form. Some may have two tiers, some one, but none of them should be exactly alike and unless you are totally strong, because this IS the hard part, and totally perfect, the sides won't even all be the same and that's okay. And just a little fyi... mine only have one tier because IT WAS REALLY HARD and I wasn't going to ask anyone for help. I knew I could do it on my own. Homespun. That's what I call it. Do not connect the trees.

Starting at the split but meeting up portion of one of the trees, begin wrapping a set of strips around the wire. Yes, I know it begins to be tedious, but you will see the end of the strip at some time. And when that happens, you'll simply add on another strip, because you want that wire covered. When it's completely wrapped, dip your finger in some glue and tack it to the underside of the fabric.

The first one's all covered? Great! Now attach another "tree" to the covered tree. You know... slightly open the "met" ends... and wrap this tree with a different fabric that's why I said coordinating/contrasting fabrics until it, too, is wrapped.

Now repeat until you've got the length you want or give up, like I kinda did...I only ended up with nine before I pooped out... You've now got a beautiful hand-made garland!

And another little fyi... I display this VERTICALLY. Otherwise I get all kinds of cracks (and trust me it happens a lot at my house... they all think they're comedians... about how much they look like arrows and where are they pointing to... But I love it. And I put it out. Every. Single. Year. Yes. I'm that stubborn.

If I had to do it all over again... I'd probably make sure I only had the thinner wire hangers... and maybe heat them so they were more flexible. But... I don't have to do it all over again. I no longer go to the dry cleaners. I only let everyone buy wash-and-wear. Saves me money and gas (to get to the cleaners!).

Don't totally go! There is more in store for you, so hop along and please comment on each and everybody. 'Cause you know we all love a little love... And BE SURE to check out the "other" Lisa, as she's the one with all the blog candy and sponsor info! Have a great time, and don't forget to come back tomorrow!

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  1. What a fun idea!! Love the rustic look the garland has!!

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    Have a blessed day,
    *Crafting With Creative M*

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  5. You're a hoot! I think it's actually just called a "hook". Now that's scientific isn't it! LOL. Love your garland and have enjoyed all your projects! TFS again today!

  6. Your stories are so entertaining! Projects are great too!

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    thanks for sharing.

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