Friday, December 11, 2015

Cookies for Santa Blog Hop

Welcome to the Cookies For Santa Blog Hop.
This a one day hop with 10 stops along the way that will be filled with all different kinds of cookie projects. You will see cards, layouts, altered art, recipes and all kinds of amazing wonderful projects. Remember this is the time of year when the gloves come off in the kitchen, no low-cal nothing, no skimping on the sugar or the sprinkles. It's the best kind of baking, high test, holiday baking. So be sure to grab your favorite cookie and beverage and hop through this yummy tasty blog hop with us. And now on to my project... Or not... 
Whelp... If you know me... then you know this was no small production and something may (or may not) have gone wrong. Let's start at the beginning...

My friend saw these really REALLY cute cocoa-mug-hot-chocolate-packet-holder-card-thingies. Yeah... It can hold tea bags or hot cider packets or.. or... but who the heck thinks of all that when you see a mug and a snowman? She wanted to give them for gifts to ladies of her Bible study. They were kind of expensive ($3.00 each and you had to put the thing together yourself!). And if you know me, like she does... I'm super cheap, thrifty, frugal, whatever you wanna call it. I can replicate almost anything. *Disclaimer* We were/are not going to sell these... They are for personal use only! And since I recently got the Brother Scan-n-Cut2, I thought my job would be easier.

It wasn't. And that's NOT the end of the story.

It'd be great if I plugged it in first...
First off... Somehow, somewhere, in the transition and re-organization of the new craftroom, I lost the examples or I left them in my car and my husband cleaned it out or I left them in her car or I put them in a safe place and can't remember where that might possibly be because it's so safe. So I looked for a wonderful specimen throughout the internet to cut on my Cricut Explore Air. Don't worry... the BSNC2 story isn't over yet either! And I got THIS:

It's way too fat and too big, and I could only squeeze one out per 12x12" paper. Ugh. What a waste and not so cheap.

So I searched more... and found THIS:

Love it. But... it prints on the cardstock. So obviously, you'd have to cut it by hand, and we all know I'm way too lazy to cut out 8-10 of these by hand. Ugh. Ugh. And if you think YOU would do it, don't you know how busy people are with the holidays all upon us?

So I thought I'd scan it with my new Brother Scan N Cut 2 (BSNC2 for now on... because I'm way too lazy to keep typing all that out) and got THIS:
But I went through all of THIS:
to even get there.  And it cut out the mug like THIS:
Hahaha! How flippin' funny. It's still in one piece with sporadic cuts all around. So... I recalled how Julie Fei-Fan Belzer (Scrapbook Soup, people! Get a clue!) had used a dark black pen and re-traced some lines of things she wanted cut out. And I did the same (on a new WHITE sheet, this time... Oh. And I cut the printing off, since the machine had chosen to cut some of the type on the other try...) And re-scanned it in and pressed cut... Success!
So then, I began putting my Cricut elements together because I still couldn't find those examples and looked every flippin' where and with all that I just went through with the BSNC2, I wasn't about to be doing all that. I'm on a busy schedule, ya know?

I picked out a cute Santa (via Subscription), an Angel (via Subscription), and a Snowman (via Subscription). Can you tell the Subscription is an awesome thing to have? So... this is the way Santa's beard and stuff comes out to cut. I am cheap, remember? not a paper-waster. So... before you click "GO", you can use the mouse (or your finger, if you're on the app) to move items closer or rearrange, so you're actually paper-saving. Trust me... every little bit helps when you make cards or scrap or do any type of paper "work".
And you end up with THIS:
The face I stamped with a Peachy Keenstamp (so adorable... I just love those guys!) and rouged his cheeks with a Baby Pink ink don't tell me you can see my fingerprint in there... I'm in total denial as I was too lazy to open a new pack of blenders.
I applied Frosted Lace Stickles to the whole beard and 'stache... and let it dry a bit...
Then covered up half of the stamped face...   Put on the beard and 'stache...

ended up trimming the face underneath, because I had a duh moment and realized I'd stickled the wrong side of the beard... reversing it? um... doesn't quite match up with the facial base. Ok then... fudge it and trim. We are good.

Added a "che[e]rry" nose, a hat and the white trimmings... And it all ends up looking like THIS:
And my Santa requested THESE:
My Santa loves cinnamon roll (cookies!)!!!

Hope you have a sweet, sweet Saturday! Next up... Barbara, with all her tasty treats!

Here's the lineup... In case you get lost... or wanna start over, or missed someone, or... or...
 1. Lisa ~
  2. Theresa ~
  3. Haidee -
  4. Charmagne ~
  5. Anna ~
  6. Lisa F. ~ (You are HERE.)
  7. Barbara            (Next stop on the Tasting Train!)
  8. Jessica -
  9. Rhonda -


  1. Loved reading your joyous adventures creating your cute Santa =) Those cookies look amazing!! Now I must find a recipe. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. OMG, Lisa, you crack me up like non other! LOL :-) You sound soooooooo much like me, when trying/doing/attempting a project. LOL Oh, and your cookies look delish! :-) TFS!

  3. You always crack me up. Thanks I needed it with my headache I can barely smile and you did a fab job!!!

  4. I seriously would have tossed it out the window !!
    I wanted to toss the Explore out the window too!
    I also bought one of these at Mega Meet and if I recall my friend paid for it because I had paid for something for her at the last booth. I gotta call her LOL If I had one I know I could make one in DS too. Love your blog you are so funny! Like me you turn into Lucy in the craft room , that is why I named my Explore "Ethel" Merry Christmas!

  5. Very cute, love all the pictures and your cookies look awesome.

  6. Love your story about putting things in a safe place.
    I have several things that I've put in that safe place and now have no idea where it is. Very frustrating.
    the mug looks great.
    thanks for sharing.

  7. So cute! Thank you for the step by step directions on how you made that cute card. The rolls look so warm and yummy!

  8. your post are just too freakin funny! and yummy today as well!



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