Sunday, November 29, 2015

12 Days of Christmas (Day Six)

Did you partake in Support a Small Business Saturday? I sure did... although I'm a little on the outs with most, as I lost my bankcard last week, and can only currently order from places that take PayPal until I get my new card. Kind of a bummer... but I saved a whole lot, without going anywhere. (In other words... I probably bought WAY less than YOU did! Neener neener... and that's how I feel better about not being able to shop this weekend!)
Welcome back to the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop (Day Six)! This hop will take place  November 24th through December 5th. Each of us will be posting something Christmas related each and every day at 8:00am, Eastern time (so for my Pacific Time Zone peeps... that's 5am... But don't worry, you can sleep in, and we'll all be here waiting for you, too!)... for 12 WHOLE DAYS! Let us inspire you to finish up that layout, make some special Christmas cards, or wrap that gift in a fun and festive way. If you've already started, you probably came from Barbara. She is so awesome, isn't she? Let's continue this 12-day crafting party!

Alrighty now...  I've said in Day One, I'm starting my portion of the hop with paper things. Things that are simple and easy to do. As with Day TwoDay ThreeDay Four, and Day Five... We are still with the Christmas things meaning all things Christmas! and still with simple [paper] crafts. Today, though... I'm stretching it a tad. We are decorating for Christmas in my house. "What does that have to do with it?" you ask... Um.. My paper craft? It's a PUZZLE! that I didn't put together!!!!

Anyone who knows me, knows I love all things Coca-Cola except that crappy new retro stuff and Polar Bears (even the Coca-Cola ones) should one be decorative (in the home) at Christmastime and Santa Claus. So... for my birthday last year, my friend put together a puzzle for me with my two materialistic iconic loves. Coca-Cola and Santa Claus. Yes, I know it's a really bad picture. Get over it. Since it's Christmastime, I'll even say Please Get Over It. It's not worth it. Really. Choose your battles.
It's fairly large... poster sized. And it came to me freshly put-together. So... I Mod-Podged it. Twice. I love the look of brush strokes (you can't see them in the picture, I tried to capture it, and it didn't work, so my lazy butt gave up on it), so I brushed one way and let it dry, then the other think hashtag, cross-hatching, or whatever your heart desires, so it gave it a canvas-y look. Huh! A puzzle on canvas. Why didn't I think of that! You might think it's nuts, but I really really REALLY like textures, and you can totally get that on your own, by applying in crosshatches, but drying the coats in between so as not to mess up blend the "both ways" strokes. Oh yeah... and then I glued it down to a larger cardboard. Two words. Gorilla. Glue. Love. It.
Next up? A frame. Uh. Wow. Even on sale... Michaels, Joann's Aaron's, and other framers cost fortune. Yikes! So... that's where my actual project comes in. Not only were these framers rather expensive, I didn't see a single thing I liked. I wanted regal. I wanted it to look antique and Old World and just awesome. And I couldn't find it. I looked EVERYWHERE! So I begged my Handy Dandy Husband to make me one!
I scoured Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace, friends' houses, EVERYWHERE to find the perfect molding. I found it. Scored it at Lowe's. I gave my Handy Dandy Husband the measurements and told him I wanted the corners mitered... He put it all together. And handed it over to ME! There'd be more pictures of the whole process but I was so excited about my project, I totally blitzed on taking them.
I glued it on top of the cardboard, so it exactly surrounded the puzzle, with a tiny bit hanging over the edge. Again. Two Words. Gorilla. Glue. Awesome stuff. Let it dry. Duh. Then I used a craft knife yes... because it is such a large surface, I did try a rotary cutter. Um. No. It will not cut at an angle... so the cardboard can be seen from the front of the puzzle. Does. Not. Work. For. Me. at an angle, similar to a mat cut. I wanted the cardboard adhered to the back to fade from view not be completely obtuse or amateur-looking. Got the look. Next?
Paint!!! Remember how I said I wanted it Old World, regal, antique yadda yadda yadda? I chose an antique gold and brushed it on after I put painter's tape all over the inside of the puzzle because yeah... I should've painted the dang frame first. Duh. And I'm sure that's what my Handy Dandy Husband was trying to tell me as I took/stole the new frame from him and ran towards the house. He was probably laughing his butt off when I had to go back out to get the painter's tape. I let it dry... Then I "antiqued" it by spraying Walnut Stain (Distress Ink) on it. I let it sit, then rubbed it into all the tiny nooks and crannies of the frame. I let it dry or so I thought and picked it up. The paint I chose was apparently a sealer, too. The stain didn't go "into" the paint and only stayed on top... never to dry..."  And so I rubbed it a tad more, then re-sealed it with another sealer on top of the "antique" look because the antique gold wasn't "antique" enough for me.
Even closer...
With the end result being...
And up on my wall... as we speak. I love it. Even with the minor setbacks of the inability for find what I wanted I feel so SPOILED, the soiled/stained hands, and the having to do more work because my ignorance, my arrogance, and my childlike impatience I didn't listen to my Handy Dandy Husband's words as I walked away with something he'd created for me... It is better than anything I saw ANYWHERE which is really good, because if you remember what I said earlier, I couldn't find it and had looked EVERYWHERE.
Since we are decorating, I thought I'd share with you a bit of my treasures...

I love small bits of lighting in a darkened room. So magical... With that, I bid you adieu. Be sure to scan the ads and get ready for Cyber Monday and hope I get my bankcard in the mail on Monday! but be sure to finish up Black Friday weekend with a bang. I'm back to work on Monday, as well... wish me luck. Only 3 weeks to go!
Oh wait! There is more in store for you, so hop along and please comment on each and everybody. 'Cause you know we all love a little love... And BE SURE to check out the "other" Lisa, as she's the one with all the blog candy and sponsor info! Have a great time, and don't forget to come back tomorrow!

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  1. Very sweet project & a very handy dandy hubby. :-)

  2. Gorgeous puzzle! I love your project. I too am a huge Coca Cola fan. I am in the process of a Coke puzzle that is making me crazy! The center of the puzzle is the logo, trying to piece the solid red and the curvy letters is a nightmare! lol I will totally be gluing it and framing it if I ever get it finished!

  3. great job! love this picture...or puzzle!

  4. A wonderful project!! I absolutely love it! Stunning!
    Have a blessed day,
    Crafting With Creative M

  5. That's a really cool frame.... I wish I knew someone who could make me frames I love the gold color too. Thanks for sharing.

    racincrafts at aim dot com

  6. How Neat, I just Love It. It looks so good in the frame.

  7. Handy Dandy Husband is a keeper. I had one of those for 45 years but he's been gone 12 years. I miss being able to say I need ............. and he'd go off and build it for me. The frame is wonderful. Looks antique and elegant.
    I'm a Pepsi addict but I still appreciate the Santa poster.
    thanks for sharing.

  8. I love that puzzle! I love doing puzzles but hardly ever do them since they don't last with my 4 little boys. I also love your decorations, the soft Christmas lights are one of my favorite parts of Christmas

  9. I love that puzzle! And hey I am over it! LOL the picture is awesome and I must say that this is awesome!!! I love the frame too!! Loves- Madge

  10. Your frame is gorgeous!! You are very talented!!

  11. the trials and tribulations of crafting! they look fabulous though!!


  12. I'm not a coke fan but I love Santa, so your puzzle is right up my alley. :)


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