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Last Minute Gifts Blog Hop

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If you arrived here from Sharondalyn, then you're perfectly on time. Or... if you arrived here just because you did from a post or tweet or whatever and would like to start at the beginning, please feel free to start at Theresa's Blog, where it all begins...

We've got some awesome ideas today to create those last minute holiday gifts. Each of the bloggers has one or more great idea for fabulous, easy gifts that can be created at the last minute for those holiday gift giving opportunities. You may want to create a few of them to have on hand in your "Gift Closet." Doesn't everyone have a gift closet full of gifts ready to give? We just can't have a hop about gifts and not give a few away, so be sure to hop to and comment on each of the blogs by Wednesday 12/30/15. Theresa at ScrapsByGracie will choose 5 winners.
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Now on with the projects!

I originally had one project done... then found out my daughter (the 10yo) reads this blog... So I had to scrap that post.

Then I finished another project. But found out that my friend who had never EVER EVER reads this blog started reading this blog and was amazed and didn't know about all the things I do/did. Oh, hi, Andreea! lol!, so... I had to scrap that post, too!

Couldn't have my "secrets" be divulged, now, could I?

So... This project really truly is a last-minute gift like the last-minute-procrastination-type of gift. And that's ok. It just didn't give me time to make it as perfect-looking as I usually like (or am known for... lmao!).

First... to look through my stash. We all have a "stash". Don't deny it. You know it. And I know it. Oh and don't lie, either. Lying is worse than denying. And you know "... he sees you while you're sleeping," "he knows when you're awake..." Kinda creepy, huh? lol. So back to my stash...

I found this:
Clearance at Joann's. I bought a cart-full handful and have used some, but I pretty much left them Plain-Jane-ish. I mean... They are kinda spectacular all on their own. I happen to love Heidi's stuff... You know, like I totally know her personally... or not... but, I'm not creepy and not a stalker, so don't even think that. This photo holder is just pretty and sleek. But... I have a "FFF" (that's code at my high school for Fine-Feathered Friend!). It's like a secret pal that we have for a semester. I give mine LOTS of things. It's fun and I love it. Oh, I receive stuff, too... but from someone who secretly got me. So this week is our big reveal (end of the semester, finals, all that jazz and the last week of school before three [count them... 1, 2, 3!] weeks off from school!!!!!) and I was already done with her many gifts of reveal, but I knew I could always add more.

Out of the box, it looks like this:
And then... I added a little glue (I squeezed it out in strips, following the Chevron pattern, then spread the glue with a Q-tip)... and some teal glitter (my FFF's fave color is teal...) and zig-zagged that glue through, doing a couple of lines at a time (so the glue didn't dry out),
then pouring sprinkling glitter to completely block that stuff out cover the glue,
then patted it softly, and let excess glitter slide off.
I had this left and had to let it dry 24 hours to allow the glue to be completely done. Because all that excess glitter left on the shiny-non-glued parts was going to make my OCD sent me in a major tizzy. So I walked away...
And it was just like I left it 24 hours ago...
So I tapped it. Nope. Still there...
So I brushed it with a soft (and dry) paint brush. It came off beautifully. But now I have to wash the paint brush because I just can't have glitter on it and blowing on it and tapping it just doesn't seem to do the trick, and I just hate washing stuff!!!! Christmas is next week, and I just don't seem to have enough to do... Ugh.
I put it back in the box... and now it's ready to wrap and give away unless I decide to keep it afterall... um... no... it's Chevron, and I don't much care for Chevron patterns. They hurt my eyes, even after just a couple of minutes.
If you have LESS time, it could easily be inked... Instead of all of the above. But that's up to you...

So you have that!

And just so you know, I'm totally young. Yes. I am. I was having an extremely difficult time moving yesterday (and last night), when I had planned to make all of the rest of my Christmas cards to distribute today at school. So... I woke up this morning and whipped out 16 of these puppies cards in 40 minutes. Not so bad... if I do say so myself.
So I guess I can be Queen of Last-Minute Things, should I want to be... But this was totally stressful to me, so I don't believe I'll make it a habit. Yes... I procrastinate all. the. time. but not that bad!

Thanks for hopping by today, don't forget to leave a comment to be entered into
the drawing for the 5 great prizes. And now... (do you hear the drumroll?) on to Jearise! I'm sure she has something totally great for you (or your friends) to do for their last-minute gifts. OOps! Did I say that? (In my best Urkel voice.)

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  1. Wow, love that chevron clip board and so will your FFF! She may not be a better note take, but she will certainly be a stylish one! And your last minute cards are fab! It was fun hopping with you.

  2. I really enjoy reading your posts and your projects are AWESOME! Thanks for hopping with me!


  3. Awesome gift ideas! I love the color of the glitter for the chevron stripes! Thanks for sharing your projects!

  4. I am glad you found out your friends are readers of your blog...and you child...mine would NEVER! very cute REALLY last minute gifts!

  5. Lisa, you crack me up! Love the idea of using glitter (or other less messy products) to spruce up the plain.
    THANKS for hopping with me this year! Can't wait to hop in 2016.

  6. You are so funny! Great idea!
    Merry Christmas

  7. Such a unique idea. You have a great sense of humor.

  8. Huge fan of glitter. Great project.

  9. It's amazing what you can do when your are under the clock.
    The cards are great.
    thanks for sharing.
    Merry Christmas

  10. Hard to pass up some glitter - this is super sparkly - love it.

  11. Cute clip board idea. I wouldn't have the patients for that but it turned out adorable. Those last minute cards are great!

  12. LOL, love reading your blog! Great sparkly clip board! Fantastic gift! Merry Christmas!

  13. Love your blog! Glad you hung in there and kept creating. The clipboard is cute and your FFF should like it.


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