Wednesday, November 25, 2015

12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop (Day Two)

Welcome to the back to the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop (DayTwo)! This hop will take place  November 24th through December 5th. Each of us will be posting something Christmas related each and every day at 8:00am, Eastern time (so for my Pacific Time Zone peeps... that's 5am... But don't worry, you can sleep in, and we'll all be here waiting for you, too!)... for 12 WHOLE DAYS! Let us inspire you to finish up that layout, make some special Christmas cards, or wrap that gift in a fun and festive way. If you've already started, you probably came from Barbara. She is so awesome, isn't she? Let's continue this 12-day crafting party!

As I've said in Day One (If you'd like to see my "little boy" Christmas Card, just click HERE!) I'm starting my portion of the hop with paper things. Things that are simple and easy to do. Today, I did a Santa Silhouette. It is available in Cricut Design Space. I didn't pay anything additional,  as I am a subscriber (SOOO worth the $9.99 each month to have WAY more access to cartridges I don't physically own, especially for just one or two cuts!).

I enlarged it to fit an 8-1/2x11 paper... and created an oval shape that would make a suitably-sized backing. (I believe this cut was supposed to be vinyl and adhere to a wall or window. But I didn't want that!)
Just a side note! ***And if you see all of my open tabs... you'll see I keep checking on Santa's Reindeer at It's free to view on your computer (which is what I do...) or you can take it mobile and pay $1.99 for the app on Android or iPhone. Just interjecting this here because you can see what I've got open. I'm just too lazy to shut them down and reopen them or find them for the purposes of writing this post.

Did someone say, "Squirrel!"?

I then cut it all out. The Santa Silhouette (the ACTUAL silhouette) and the frame, I cut in black. I had to do this in two steps, as I could not for the life of me get Design Space to change the layer of the silhouette to the same color as the frame. It's a cut file... and sometimes it won't let you do it. Could've been a fluke... I'll never know, nor will I care at this point, as my patience (that I talked about last post and said I had) was kinda gone. Regardless... I did it in two steps (had to move the oval (that was cut inside the frame) all up on the mat to not waste paper after the frame was cut, so the silhouette would be cut from the same color and not waste more paper. Did you understand that? Because it totally made sense in MY head!

I didn't like the little bubble edges on the scallop of the frame, so I contoured them better with my trusty little Cutter Bee scissors. Then it all looked the same and not like an enlarged bookplate with scallops on steroids. I'm ok if it's not perfect...
Time to GLUE! I applied the glue to the black pieces and laid them on, one by one, lining them up with the white oval the best I could.

A little of the white oval was peeking out, when I was all done, so I flipped it over and snipped it off... with my super sharp-tipped Cutter Bee's... Can you tell I l-o-v-e my scissors?
Then I played a little. I'd bought a Wink of Stella pen about a month ago and hadn't ever played with it (or any other) yet. So... I broke out that new baby. And I couldn't figure out how to get it to work. Nothing worked. I looked all over that dang wrapper. I'd opened it from the taped end... and read the back... and there was nothing. NOTHING.  Apparently, when something says "OPEN" and has a pull tab, you HAVE to open it there. The instructions for the Wink of Stella are on the INSIDE of the casing. Duh. So I followed them, and took out the "black ring" after unscrewing the cap, replaced it... and... IT WORKED! I Wink'ed a little Stella on the inside of each scallop... and added a little to the edging of the silhouette, then zig-zagged some on the inside black oval...

And I felt like I still wasn't done.

So... I stamped in Distress Fired Brick, "I Believe" and all was good.

I'm totally happy with it. I need a little more practice with the Wink of Stella brush pen, so it's not quite perfect. I love the look with just a little glitter surrounding it all. And I think next time I see WoS's on sale, I'll buy a couple more colors. They are AWESOME!

There is more in store for you, so hop along and please comment on each and everybody. 'Cause you know we all love a little love... And BE SURE to check out the "other" Lisa, as she's the one with all the blog candy and sponsor info! Have a great time, and don't forget to come back tomorrow!

Here's the Line Up for Day 2:
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  1. that stella pen really brings out the frame! great job!

  2. Love your crossed-out comment about the wink-of-stella. I bought the pen and could never get it to work. Took it back to the store and they said there was this little piece that I had to remove. They fixed it for me. I was aggravated because it doesn't tell you about that on the package. I love silhouettes and this one is wonderful.
    The framing is great. Fantastic project. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Loving It, and I can't get the hang of the Wink of Stella Pen. You do a lot better than me. Great Job!

  4. I absolutely love this!! Simply Beautiful!!
    Have a blessed day,
    Crafting With Creative M

  5. First off, I love to read your posts because even if I am having the worst day they make me laugh! Of course that could be a problem when I am at my desk and am suppose to be working! Secondly and most importantly, your card is AMAZING! The little bit of Wink of Stella made a huge difference. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  6. haha love your post, adorable project and wink of stella is nice when you figure it out!!


  7. I think it turned out stamps always turn out a little faded and I love it (crossed out I hate it) Squirrel...ha ha ha.

  8. You must be a riot to be around!!! :-) Love your Santa! TFS! :-)

  9. I love your project. Very elegant santa. TFS

  10. What a fun post to read! Witty, entertaining, and a wonderful project to boot! Thanks for making my day! :-)

  11. Awesome project. I love the santa silhoutte

  12. Great project! What a fantastic decoration :)

  13. HAHAHAHA!!! That happened to my friend too when she used the Wink of Stella, I even asked her if she took the black ring out and she said yes! LOL Gotta love it Baby!! This turned out fantastic!!! Loves- Madge

  14. What a wonderful silhouette of Santa!


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