Thursday, November 26, 2015

12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop (Day Three)

Happy Thanksgiving, and WELCOME back to the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop (Day Three)! This hop will take place  November 24th through December 5th. Each of us will be posting something Christmas related each and every day at 8:00am, Eastern time (so for my Pacific Time Zone peeps... that's 5am... But don't worry, you can sleep in, and we'll all be here waiting for you, too!)... for 12 WHOLE DAYS! Let us inspire you to finish up that layout, make some special Christmas cards, or wrap that gift in a fun and festive way. If you've already started, you probably came from Barbara. She is so awesome, isn't she? Let's continue this 12-day crafting party!

As I've said in Day One, I'm starting my portion of the hop with paper things. Things that are simple and easy to do. Today, I created another thing-a-ma-jig that was probably supposed to be done in vinyl. As with Day Two, I took a cut from Design Space (covered by my subscription)... this time, it was a circle-hanging with a fleur-de-lis. Again, I had to make a backing since it was probably designed for vinyl... so I added a circle and enlarged all to 11.5", so I could just use a 12x12 piece of cardstock.
Why did I not enlarge it to 12", you ask? Um... because you can't. Well... you can, but... it won't fit in the cutting area and the program asks you continuously to resize your image because it is to large to cut. In other words... I did enlarge it to 12", then took it down by .1" each time it sent me that forsaken message, until I finally reached 11.5" and it quit doing it to me. And then I sent it to my Explore Air and cut. It cut this one perfectly. You'd o' thought it was butta!

Then onto the glue-ing. If you're like me, you have to flip it over several times BEFORE you start to glue. Because otherwise, you can't remember if you put the glue on the right way or the wrong way, and then before you know it, you glued it the wrong way and the wrong side is now facing up. Just remember to put the glue on the BOTTOM. I added the circle... and used a brayer to get all the little air-bubbles out (because vinyl isn't the only thing that gets air bubbles).
 Time to put the Fleur De Lis in. I love them... It's one of my favorite symbols. I like it's real-life counterpart, too... the Iris. They are so pretty. And regal. And it's one of my favorites. And I'm rambling. Promise... Not too much wine, yet.
The glue I'm using is by Adhesive Tech. "A Fine Line... the glue you can write with!" it boasts. And yes... you can. It is REALLY great for glitter, for adhering paper, for those teeny-tiny-little-fine parts paper crafters seem to create and can't figure out how to stick them down. The guy who sold it to me at the Scrapbook Expo (in Ontario... less than a month ago...) told me right. However... he neglected to tell me the thing leaks through the screw threads of the cap and gets totally messy. Yes, tightened it. And. Yes, double-checked. When I find a way to keep that from happening, I'll get back to ya'll. No worries. It still works great and was totally worth the money especially since it didn't cost that much. I still like it. And I'd buy it again. Just keep it in a baggie...
Now... if you look really close at the edge of it... It's not perfect. The solid circle (even though the program SAID both images were the same size) extends past the main image circle.
You can see it here, much better. Inking dark on such a light-colored surface wouldn't take that away... so I snipped it with my... do you remember what they are?  trusty Cutter Bee scissors!
And it was better...
See? Doesn't it look better? but not quite done...

I misted some Art Mist in Silver to give it a little shimmer and sparkle

And all was good! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I sure hope this hop is getting you ready for what's to come in a little over 28 days or under 29 days... but who's counting? Not me!

There is more in store for you, so hop along and please comment on each and everybody. 'Cause you know we all love a little love... And BE SURE to check out the "other" Lisa, as she's the one with all the blog candy and sponsor info! Have a great time, and don't forget to come back tomorrow!

Here's the Line Up for Day 3:
  1. Lisa P. - <==== the "other" Lisa!
 ** Connie -  (Guest Designer)
  2. Madge -
  3. Ashley -
  4. Sandy -
  5. Elizabeth -
  6. Angela -
  7. Alicia -
  8. Miranda -
  9. Daphne -
10. Rhonda -
11. Charmagne -
12. Barbara-
13. Lisa F - <=== You are HERE!
14. Sharondalyn - Http:// <=== Next stop!
15. Jessi -
16. Heather - Http://


  1. I'm counting! lol, I've got the countdown at the top of my blog! Your project is great!

  2. Great project! My SIL would love this! I am thinking of her because I am almost to her house!!! Happy thanksgiving to
    You and yours


  3. OMG, Lisa, I wanna come and craft w/ you. You are an absolute HOOT!!!! :-) Oh yeh, looove your thing-a-ma-jig. (tee-hee) :-)

  4. Awesome creation!! very creative!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family!
    Crafting With Creative M

  5. Looks I have never glued the wrong side before (nods yes I have)

  6. I check several times and will still end up gluing the wrong side of an embellishment.
    Very frustrating. Guess that' what keeps us going.
    Love the fleur de lis.
    thanks for sharing.
    Happy thanksgiving

  7. So Creative, Love It Happy Thanksgiving

  8. Love it!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  9. Love! And I love reading your posts...all the crossing out is hilarious ;)

  10. Beautiful! Thanks for hopping with me!

  11. HAHAHAHA!!! Yes, I do that! I flip it over and over again! Then I still adhere it wrong! Doh! Loves- Madge


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