Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What a DEAL... and a Bummer, too!

We have a semi-local scrapbooking/stamping store. I really have never had a chance to go there, as they close at 5pm. But... today, I was heading out that direction, and since it is in Riverside, I wanted to be sure I was able to go. And so I called. They told me they would still be open when I arrived.

I was on a mission. I love Stickles! Stickles are hard to come by, locally, so I usually purchase them online. I walked in, fully anticipating choosing between wonderful colors, glitters, and ice. I was sorely disappointed... Not only were there no Stickles, the store inventory was sadly low... As I was searching, the owner stopped me and apologized for not greeting me, then told me EVERYTHING was 50% off! Yay! Then it dawned on me... Why? Auntie Amy's Impressions/Stamps is closing.
Just as I finally took the time to go... I already feel like I lost a friend... a small store that had not so much of the commercial items (ie Martha Stewart) and had real honest-to-goodness items that were geared towards the true crafters. However, they will retain an online store.

I so wanted the instant gratification of being able to purchase Stickles and walk out the door with them... oh... apparently they had them, though. I was told they would never be on sale like that, that they would be full price. The Stickles were in the back, waiting to go online. Hmmm... I offered to pay full price, but was declined and told I could purchase them online. What a bummer! (Sigh...)

I was truly sad... but! I picked my head up... and... spent some serious $$$$!!! LOL! I bought stuff I had originally not intended to buy, but still got great deals on, with the 50% off! Woohoo! So I have to pay some shipping on an order of Stickles. They probably didn't have the color(s) I wanted anyway...

So, folks... go ahead and visit I don't know if the sale will be online, as well... but it's worth a shot! Toodles for now! lisa

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