Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm surfing away... and getting stuff done...

I was on another blog (reading and getting ideas) and found another great blog (LOVE her stuff!) by "Scrapping Mommy!" This link will take you to... Guess what?!? More blog candy offers! But you gotta be quick. She is drawing the winner on Friday, September 5th! Check out her full blog at

So... I've got most of my scrap/craft stuff straightened up (again!)... time to start working on more swaps and challenges.

One of the challenges I've seen involves "scraplifting." I'm not really comfortable with this, as even though one has permission to "borrow" another's idea(s), I just kind of tend to draw a blank when I look at a sketch or layout. I only see what is there... my stuff - I have to draw from scratch. I don't get it. I can look at a sewing pattern and "imagine the possibilities," but to utilize scrapbooking, whether it be a layout or a card... I just can't seem to focus and I lose my train of thought. Needless to say... I didn't do that challenge.

I will finish another challenge that came today, but for right now... I'm going to go catch up on the premiere shows from last night: 90210 - you go! Toodles for now! lisa

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  1. I am guilty of scraplifting...I'll admit it. The finished product never looks anything like the inspiration, but if it gets me moving then I am grateful for that. I sometimes see a layout and will thing, "gee I never thought to put those colors together" or "what an awesome way to lay a title," etc.


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