Monday, September 22, 2008

Another Busy Weekend...

It was an MVAQ weekend! This weekend was the Redlands swim meet. With everything going on with my sister, it was a tad difficult, and we couldn't really carpool. But that's ok! Everything worked out.

Saturday was beautiful. As an official, it was a little hectic - the computers quit working with eachother for a bit - so the meet ran 50 minutes longer in the morning. We did catch it up in the afternoon though and stayed pretty much on track. I'm psyched! I'm almost done with my volunteering (as an official... never done in other areas). Being on my feet, though... Ugh! But at least it wasn't as bad. This time, I was smart enough to get some insoles. Much better... just a little barking.

Stacy and Rey did pretty well.

It wasn't Sunday, but sometimes Stacy seemed to think it was a "Sunday" Swim (Sunday drive... you know...). She added a couple of seconds to her backstroke, but her other race was pretty good. She scratched her breaststroke, saying she really doesn't do well, but she did great in her IM (individual medley... all of the strokes). It's funny. She thinks she can't do breaststroke well, but that is really her strong stroke. She pulled ahead of the other swimmers and almost caught up with the lead swimmer during this portion of the IM! I wish she could have seen herself.

Rey was more mellow. She decreased her times by a couple of seconds and scratched her breaststroke also (claiming her knees hurt). I think she was more psyched to be not swimming on Sunday. Lol! There was a mistake in the entries, and she didn't get signed up for any events on Sunday. It's ok... she wanted to time anyway...

Sunday was my off day. I was on... then I guess I was "official enough" that I was actually assigned to talk to a couple of kids and explain to them why they were "DQ'd" (disqualified) at the end of their race. Ooohh... how sad. I think the first kid I had to talk to was a 8-year-old little boy. He looked so sad. I felt so bad. But otherwise, the day went fast, staying on track. It was fun! I like the fast pace.

Stacy swam well that day... so she got two ice cream cones (Drumsticks). She had asked if she could scratch something that day... I told her "No WAY!" She didn't complain after that and did well.

When we got home, my sister was here. She was released from the hospital, and she'll be staying with us for a little while. Here, we have: 1) no stairs... the better for a post-surgery patient. and 2) Internet service... the better for her to do schoolwork with.

Things will all work out. We'll all be fine. The family is working together to make everything work (wow! that's a lot of "work" words).

I really like all of the people I've gotten to work with in the official circuit and administration. They are extrememly helpful and insightful. I'm almost there... But... now I've got to get on the ball and take my online tests, then I still have Clinic in October. Hopefully soon... I'll get my "Official" badge. It's a good thing! Toodles for now! lisa

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