Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blog Discovery/Blog Candy Alert!!

Ok... so I was doing more surfing tonight (like I don't have anything else to do...). I checked out a couple of friend's blogs (Jenn's is one of them!) and came across this blog candy alert. Doing Life is the name, and the ideas are awesome! Her photos are super clear and her outlook fresh.

Although this scrapper somewhat seems to doubt herself in the "scrapping of words" genre, I think she hit it out of the ballpark. Desire combines colors well, and gets to the true grit of her subjects. Her journaling is spectacular, no matter what she says.

You are sure to get lots of ideas from this South African scrapper, and maybe even a newer outlook. And... on the plus side of things, she is giving out blog candy in celebration of her upcoming 13,000th hit since January 2006! Way to go! Check out Doing Life at You will want to add this one to your faves and go back often. Congrats, Desire! You rock! Toodles for now! lisa

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  1. Hi Lisa. You are such a honey. Thank you so much for the gorgeous little write-up you did about Doing Life. I feel humbled, but honoured at the same time. It is always very inspiring and motivational to get feedback from you Doing Lifers out there and simply reinforces my passions in life. Warm regards from sunny South Africa. PS: I have posted your little write-up on Doing Life with a link to 'Lisa's Little Bits


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