Sunday, September 7, 2008

Have You Seen the Calendar Lately?

Yikes! Did you know there is very little time between now and Christmas? It is just way too super close!

So... I'm making a list and checking it twice. I have some swaps that are due November 1st, birthday cards to catch up on... lots of UFOs (UnFinished Objects) and some that aren't even started and need to be completed by Christmas. Whew! I started last Christmas (the day after) and guess I just haven't gotten as much done as I planned on. Such is life.

So anyway, getting my list done, so that I can better budget my time. And... one of the groups I belong to (Scrapbook BINGO!) just started a virtual crop that collects points! What better motivation to get stuff done.

In family life... Stacy manages her first Boys' Water Polo game on Tuesday. Rey is giving just as much attitude as Stacy lately (and has a crush on the guy at the drive-thru window of our closest KFC...). Jr moved in for a couple of days and is trying to figure out what he wants to do in life... Renee made it for Asst Drum Major (you go - girl!) and just returned to school (she is on year-round). Marissa? Uh... still not potty trained, but wanting to work on it more and more, giving the attitude all of the teenagers have (but getting in more trouble for it)... and her fave show right now is "Calliou." (He's a BRAT!) Juan is working (of course) and getting fed up with money issues (overtime has been pretty much cut off...), but he is now carpooling and saving gas money each week. Me? I've pretty much been telling all about myself...

Dinner tonight was homemade breadsticks, Caesar salad, and lasagna roll-ups... yup... made it all myself!

In other parts of the country... My cousin Michelle gave birth to twins a week ago, my other cousin Nate and his gf are expecting again, Kara is preggers, too. Jolene? Well, we'll see... and Josh/Vic... I don't think they're quite ready to hit the PG mark again. It seems a lot of people/couples I know quite well are making that 9-month journey right now. Not me! lol!

My nephew, Jake, and Marissa - having fun in Grandma's backyard

Anywho... gotta finish my list and at least get some b-day cards finished. By the way... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AUNT CHRIS! - if I don't get to talk to you Tuesday... Toodles for now! lisa

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  1. The thought that Christmas is 3 and a half months is now scaring the crap out of me. LOL. just sneaks up on ya.


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