Thursday, October 2, 2008

I did a Weekly Challenge! (Sketch #39 - Julie Bonner)

I didn't do many scrappy items last month, so I thought I'd start this month a little better. The first day it was posted (Wednesday) I actually did it... I'm just a little late posting it. I've been busy with all of the other "life" items... studying for my "Official" test, inputting for a remote job, the latest "teenager" stuff (crap!), and trying to potty train Marissa (when she feels like it).

Anywho... on Scrapbook Bingo!, a weekly challenge was posted, referencing a sketch from 52 Sketches... 52 Weeks by Julie Bonner (see link! This is my take on Sketch #39. (Please note: I have never actually done anything from a sketch... this is my first AND I only used the items that I already had... yippee for me!)

I even used old photos! This one is Stacy from 1994... There is hidden journaling underneath the photos (with the pull out flourish). Marissa's fingers got to the ink on the chipboard letters before they dried.

This one is Rey... ages one and three. Her smile remains the same to this day. Once again, there is hidden journaling under the photos.

Yeah... I know they kind of look the same... I decided to "finally" fill in the two books I have (one for each kid) with layouts from the "younger years" of their youth (before I forget about their youth!). So, I try to make each kid as equal as possible, as I don't want to here it from either of them at a later date (you know... "Hers is better than mine..." etc., etc.).

I've got lots to finish on the latest project. Plus! There are tons of birthdays and stuff I really do need to catch up on. Cards to be made... Christmas is coming... Oh! And I still need to decorate for Halloween...

This weekend is pretty much a loss, though. I have the Officials' Clinic (almost done with those volunteer hours!) on both days. Haven't had much sleep at home, either. There is an all-nighter happenin' in my back yard since Monday (I hate cats in heat!). From 2am - 5am... I can barely dose off again before I here the next wail. Honestly folks! It bites!!! Anyway, I'm off to beddy-bye. Too tired to do much... Toodles for now! lisa

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  1. Very cute, Lisa! I love the color combination. I entered mine for both challenges too!


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