Thursday, October 9, 2008

Friday (October 3rd) Project

Whelp... it was a busy day. I waited for photos, did some shopping regarding the pics and made a display board (forgot what they are called... but there is a name for it) and got it done in roughly 4 hours... start to finish (including time for picking out pictures, having them developed, and shopping for supplies). Thank you Sam's Club and my ATG (without this tape gun... it would have taken me at least an additional 2 hours)!

The display board is about 12 (12x12) scrapbook pages. It is huge! So... in laymen's terms (you other non-scrappy people) it is 4'x3'.
Here's a couple of pics. It is missing the photos in the middle, as I was borrowing them and applying them with temporary tape (which sucks... by the way). I was to get them upon arriving on deck. Two team photos (8x10) were supposed to be in the big black spot with "MVAQ" mounted over them at an angle. (In other words... just imagine it!)

The temporary tape issue... my thought was to join the borrowed pics (for which I will eventually get permanent photos) "temporarily" so as not to destroy them for the owners. So I bought "The Craft Collection ; Removeable Adhesive" by Tombo "Trusted Quality". DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! The applicator broke; it is also a "half" applicator, with the tape not fully enclosed (one side only... the back side of the applicator device is OPEN). The tape does not "stick" as described and only touches down in small bits, not a full ribbon. Therefore, there is a lot of wasted tape! Then it does not hold down the photos very well. Things kept flying off. Bad product... bad product...

Anyway, everyone loved it. It served it's purpose (I was told) on Saturday. We (the swim team - MVAQ) were using it at a PTSA function for recruiting purposes. We needed an attention getter. We got it!

I used my Cricut for the matted "MVAQ" wording and the computer for the rest.

Each "side" photo is grouped into the swim stroke that is being performed (i.e. butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke, and freestyle).

I also showed our great times together... both kids and parents.

Just a little FYI... I was not there (on Saturday). It was not a non-supportive issue. I did what I could... when I could. I was at another swimming function (Fall Official's Clinic) using volunteer time.
and... by the way... Movies! Eagle Eye with Shia LaBeouf was AWESOME and jam-packed with action (saw it Friday night!). It is a must-see, must-own movie... I'll update you more later on my weekend... Toodles for now! lisa

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