Friday, October 10, 2008

Sunday at the Spider Pavilion (Museum of Natural History - LA)

Sunday was hectic. I got up super early (stayed the night at my mom's... much closer to Fullerton than my house!), went to the Clinic, got back to my mom's around lunch time, ate lunch, then off we went... to another adventure.

Our destination? The Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles (Exposition Park). Sometime last year, we had visited to see the Butterfly Pavilion. Now... we were gonna get creepy!

I loved it! I don't think any of the others did... My mom, her husband, Stacy, Rey and Marissa? Well... they didn't stay in there very long. I had a blast. With a point-and-shoot camera, it is really hard to get the focus on the spider, but at least I got some good shots. These guys were super colorful. Apparently, they are native to Florida and the other warmer, Western climates. There were other spiders, too... just this one turned out the best.

That day was "free" day at the museum, probably because lots of exhibits (6 that I counted) were closed. But... we did get to see this one... It's really pretty cool watching them "finish" up the fossils that were found. Lots needs to be cleaned up and debrided prior to the skeleton being completed. (The pics of the actual exhibit didn't turn out, due to glass glare...)

Stacy and Rey decided to do a photo shoot outside the museum.

We took our "traditional" shot to see the kids' growth. (There should be another similar shot in an older post...

And in the end, everyone had a good time. I'm glad my girls still all love each other and can get along (at least on this occasion... which is much more than I can say than their behavior today!).

Of course I still have to scrapbook it all... I've got some great ideas for the spiders!!! And, luckily for us... the USC game was the day before, so we didn't get the hike or the traffic! Woohoo!

As for the rest of this week? I'll update you with the Beach Boys concert soon, otherwise it was pretty chaotic (what's new, right?). I've been taking and studying for tests, re-organizing, and having a blast with this stupid computer that picks weird moments to freeze, not scan, not print, and turn off (all by itself!). One day... anyway... Toodles for now! lisa

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