Saturday, February 23, 2008

Been a Long Time...

So much has happened in just a short little time. The winds and rain have us running crazy, as well as our families. Let's just leave it there. I don't want this to be a venting session, which believe you me... I could very well do in much more than one page. But, I will not do this to you.

Last Sunday, however, I was able to go to the Scrapbook EXPO with a dear friend of mine. My family (Mom, brother, sister & their families) met up with us and was able to give me a couple of hours sans children. I didn't remember what it felt like! I was actually able to really check out items, learn a lot from observing, ask questions without a kid bugging me and not being able to hear the answer, and most of all... I was finally able to attend a workshop. I learned to make 10 cards in one hour!

Now, granted, these aren't the kind of cards I usually make. They were pretty much "tear-and-shares". I call it these because you tear paper, add layers to card stocks, write a message to someone, and hand it off! But, hey! Karen & I got 10 done in one hour! I learned some quick tips to help me out.

Today... I used those tips. I made cards for 3 birthdays (Vic, Jr., & Renee's). We celebrated all three at Mom's today. My nerves are still slightly on edge. I prefer to be prepared, but pretty close to the last minute, we added in a birthday, and I had to jump to make more cupcakes and figure out a gift or card to make sure everyone was covered. I didn't want to leave anyone out. The night was good, but my nerves (and head) were blasting from earlier. It usually takes days to go away.

Tomorrow will be Church in the morning, playing with photos & uploading them (probably to Walgreen's), then scrapbooking in the late afternoon. We scrapbooked last Monday afternoon (Karen & I), and the girls got enthusiastic about it, too... so I'm hoping that since they were bummed about not having photos, I can use this to my advantage. I would like their room clean. So, I told them if they clean their room, they can upload 10 photos each and I'll pay for them to be printed... This will allow them photos for tomorrow for at least a couple of layouts (which they asked what "layouts" were... honestly!). I sure hope they keep a continued interest this time, as it really is a good thing for them, and could keep them into something we have in common.

We got a new garage door today! You might not think this is anything big, but it really is to me. My garage door opener has been having issues with my old garage door. It was REALLY old, wooden, and soaks up the rain, making it extremely heavy. Also, the brute had broken two sets of hinges and springs. It was about to kill my garage door opener, and looked awful! Not to mention, in the rains it would "stop" half-way open, and I would have to leave the car (in the rain) to "help" the garage door up... We were the only house on my block to have the original doors... So we finally got new ones. YAY! Now, it is much quieter, and the house looks much prettier, and I am completely happy. Bella Doors... you do a wonderful job! I was told they would be here between 11am-1pm and take 4-5 hours. They arrived 15 minutes early and only took 2 hours! These installers were totally awesome (retro 80's, there...)! I would recommend them to anyone! The customer service and sales were great to deal with as well. If you are in the Riverside area, I say you should call them. The prices are great, too!

I'm tired and cranky, so I'll be leaving you now. I just wanted to make sure you all knew I was still around (and alive!!!). And that we hadn't gotten destroyed by the weather... although it did snow here last week! Remarkable... it didn't stick, but I did see the little fluffy bits fall lightly on my windshield... Toodles for now! lisa

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