Monday, February 11, 2008

An Odd Day... and a Forgotten Birthday (I'm sorry!)

Waking up at 5:30 am is just not for me. But, whatever, as I have to do it for my kids... well, at least one of them. Stacy began swimming practice for the high school swim team today, and they have "Hell Week" until the end of the month. Since the season starts during school, their week lasts about 3 weeks. They have to be there at 6am, in the pool, ready to work. Oh what fun! I'm just glad it's not me!

Well, lazy soul that I am, I came back and flopped into the bed. 7:45 came really early! I had to take the other one to school, as well. Yay! Rey looked so pretty as she walked up the school steps. She curled her hair today and looked almost angelic. At least she smiled. (She woke me up at 7am, showing me a cut foot. Put tape on it, and let me sleep... lol!)

I came home, did a little bit of research and was off to the library (StoryTime for Marissa). Only, I guess my awake mode wasn't in gear just yet... As we were walking to the library, she asked for me to change her diaper (she did a doodle...). No problem, right? Uh oh! As I was running out the door, because I thought we'd be late, I had forgotten the diaper bag. Yuck! I am a horrible mother...

We were already half-way there, so I told her to hold on. When we got there, I did a mad dash to the restroom... Did you know they don't have a baby changing station there? I know this is a library and everything's supposed to be quiet, but there are kids with diapers who go for StoryTime! I had to lay her down in her stroller, wet some paper towels, and clean her up. There was no way to reuse the diaper, so she went diaperless. She did well and sat through the whole rest of StoryTime, without screaming and without pottying her pants. Usually when I don't immediately put a diaper on her, the shrillness of her screaming makes me cover my ears and run for the diaper bag. We even got home with the pants still dry. She calmly asked me for a diaper, once we got into the house, and I obliged.

Then I began decorating for Valentine's Day. I still have to finish, and I am starting a little later than I'd hoped, but at least it's getting done prior to the big day. Gifts are already purchased. The girls will work on their Valentine's Tuesday & Wednesday night, and we will be ready to roll. Marissa will have hers done Tuesday for the library "friends" on Wednesday. I still have to figure out the menu, though. Haven't done that.
Oh no!!! I have a wonderful sister-in-law. She is so patient and understanding... (do you feel that smooch yet?) I was so pre-occupied with thoughts of my dad and my normal everyday things, I neglected to call her on her birthday. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, VIC! Sorry about that. We can call and sing to you, if you'd like... Please forgive us. (huh, huh? What do you want? I will make you something yummy...)

(Sigh!) Today has promised to be another exasperatingly busy day. Marissa is rather demanding today, and I promised myself I'd get more done (I did that in Church yesterday). I've got to run to pick up Rey in 1/2 an hour, then pick up Stacy an hour after that, then run back to the high school for Rey's swim practice. Yay! We are back at our home school! The pool is done! No more camping out on the other side of town for hours on end! Home Sweet Home.

Oh! I've still got to make Juan's lunch (isn't he just so lucky...) and upload photos to have printed... I'm actually going to scrap for myself tomorrow. I'm goin' to Karen's! She has the day off, and she is NOT going to cancel this time! Yay!

Oh yeah! A new friend of mine published a piece of mine on one of her sites. Check it out at Toodles for now! lisa

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