Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another Busy Day on the Farm!

Yes! I do have a farm! A farm of children that act like animals (count the hubby, too!). They are all crazy, and like farm animals, have to be taken care of... Their food has to be prepared, themselves cleaned up, as well as their living quarters... you know what I'm talking about.

Today was a typical day. Got up early, went to church, went out shopping for some things (Easter decorations), came home and got to work. I cleaned the front porch and began putting up Easter things. Marissa has been bugging the heck out of me lately. I made lunch, and Juan's dinner (for work). Then I began uploading photos.

The problem with doing that was so many of them had to be "fixed" prior to uploading. I cropped, enlarged, brightened, and enhanced many (127 - to be exact) to upload to Walgreen's. Then I went and got them! The guy didn't want to give me the coupon rate! And so... we all know me... I simply told him what the ad read versus what was said on the website. My discount was entered. Stacy and Rey picked out photos to do, too. But they didn't use them today. Hopefully they will. I've already told them I won't be printing anymore until they use the pics I just paid for. Let's see what happens.

I got almost a full two-page layout done. I made the background and began cutting photos and mats. With the uploading taking forever and the printing taking longer than I planned, I didn't get started until much later. But, I did get some other things done in the meantime.

I am also working on a 3-D decoupage. I got one whole figure (a mouse) done, ready to put on the background once it is dry. This is cute, but tedious. It takes a lot of patience, but my aunt is worth it!

I just got finished cleaning up here. Tomorrow is another busy day. Maybe one day my life will get back to normal... Wait a minute! What is even considered "normal" now-a-days? Is anyone's life ever normal? I don't really think so... it's all about the concept, and I think we've all lost track of that by now...

Toodles for now! lisa

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