Friday, April 20, 2007

Madame Picasso and other bits

Miss Mo didn't nap all day and finally fell asleep at 9:30pm. Whew! What a day with her. She was Miss Busy. She is only 2 and a couple of months, but she has got energy, spirit and tons of creativity. Miss Mo's going through a phase right now of drawing on ANYTHING blank she can find (thank goodness it's only paper) and making a masterpiece. She is a true believer that anything she creates should get all of the nods and praises and postings she deserves. And so... I've had to coach the other 2 DDs to praise her. It's really quite funny (and cute). In turn, she squints her eyes and nods knowingly with a little impish smile. There are now pieces of artwork by my bed (my DH asks, "What is this all about?" and I tell him, explaining how cute it really is), in my bathroom, on the hallway counter top, on the dining room table, and of course on the fridge. It's a miracle she hasn't figured out the laundry room has a bulletin board! This one is from her "Blue Period".

Thursday nights are hectic for me and television. And it doesn't get hectic until 10pm when 3 shows I like are all on at the same time; Shark, ER, and October Road.


Shark (James Woods) - very good learning lesson for his daughter (played by Danielle Panabaker), who is only in high school, but who has already been arrested for DUI and who he has caught with marijuana. He actually took her to a prison to meet someone that had 3 manslaughter charges against him for a DUI. The inmate explained him and his friends had gone to a party, smoked some pot, drank a little, had some fun... the next thing he new, he was on the sidewalk and had killed 2 people, the other one died in intensive care the following day. Now the inmate will get out in a couple of years, but he will never forget the lives he took, and without thinking. Good job! I hope that sends a lot more messages out there. Overall the rest of the show was pretty good. But that was the highlight for me, as I really felt it.

ER - How sad is that? Sarah wants to stay with Gage, even though the test results came back as him not being her father. The poor man who is elderly and an Alzheimer's victim loses his son to congenital heart failure, but doesn't remember, even though he told many times. Kudos to Dr. Kovac for the words, "I'm sure he'll find a way." (In reference for the son going to see him.) And Sam kicks a cops butt (or knee, rather and now she might have a dating prospect)! Rock on!

October Road - and I thought Hannah was finally going to tell Nick he was Sam's father. At least Sam is OK and Hannah finally found out that Nick did think about her and miss her. I really felt bad for the Recluse. Pizza girl didn't even want to listen to him and didn't give him a second chance. Gotta admit... I kind of thought her story was bogus, at first. I thought maybe she was trying to get Recluse out. Big Cat is such a JERK!!!! OK, next-to-end scene made me cry when the grown-up Nick ran into his father's arms and hugged him.

Grey's Anatomy - Derek, Derek, how could you even say that about Meredith? "I came here to be Chief. Meredith complicates that." You scrounge! As for Izzy and George... this was back to the innocent really good friends thing. Good for you, George to run to Izzy's side; Cali just needs to understand a little better. And I love Mare Winningham as Meredith's "fake mommy." I'm glad Ms. Grey finally came to terms about it. Christina chased off the cardio guy, and maybe she'll go back to her old, less touchy-feely ways, or maybe not... hmm... The saddest part (Izzy's daughter's leukemia was sad, too, yes) was Jane Doe "Eva". Her parents came to claim her, got all of the confirmations, then the mother says, "NO." Poor "Eva". She so wants to belong somewhere. It's not her fault the accident and amnesia have changed her personality as well...

Ugly Betty - All I can say is GROSS! The girls and I all about chugged when Vanessa Williams put her feet into those fish and said, "My, they're a little hungry!" YUCK! There is no way I will try that avenue for a pedicure. I don't care how soft it gets my feet! And poor Betty. With no friends, and Daniel even turning against her. Even he told her once she clocks out, they are out of the office, then tries to call her for help. Uh... HELLO! Until about a month ago, he had her working 24/7. When did this change? And her poor poppy and his deranged social worker. I feel for her. Good for him to take the memorable "wedding" picture and not press charges.

The only thing I see on tonight that looks good is Raines. Jeff Goldblume is definitely a weirdo!

The day is rather dreary here, although it's supposed to be decent tomorrow and storm away on Sunday. At least we'll have one good day for the yard sale! Don't forget it's a fundraiser for MVAQ! Go Manta Rays! If you need the info, check yesterday's post. Hope to see you there! Toodles! lisa

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