Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Busy Weekend

Friday night was fun! I went through more stuff to get more stuff to put in the MVAQ Fundraiser Yard Sale. I just had so much to give!!!
Also, on Friday, I started writing for They actually have some really interesting articles in there, some are done by great writers and some not. One of the wonderful things about it is articles are rated by fellow writers. You can win their weekly contests, based on the votes. So, if you would like to write, as well, please contact me, and I will send you an invite, as if you are "invited" by another writer, the writer gets moolah, as well. Either comment me or send me an e-mail. And thank you for doing that.

Went to bed really late, because I had so much to do. But, Saturday morning came (and SO early!)...

Up by 5:30 (early to me!). Snacks were packed, as well as swim bags, in case we didn't have time to come home. A great friend of mine showed up with her truck and we loaded it, and my van with stuff from my garage. Then off - to the Fundraiser.
I think we did really good recruiting. Remember if you'd like to join, just let me know. Or, you could also visit our website at! It's a pretty good one, too. Kudos to Rick!

We did good selling, as well. On this day, we earned $250... not bad for donated items. Thank you to all that donated. I very much appreciate you all as friends.

Then, we were off! To the University of Redlands for the "BREAK OUT! Swim Clinic" sponsored by Mutual of Omaha that our Eastern Division Section of SCS hosted. This was really great. The kids all got to meet and get coached by an Olympic Gold Medalist, Josh Davis and his crew of excellent athletes, also Olympic Team members. (They weren't too bad on the eyes, either...)
The kids learned some really great techniques and were very inspired by the life stories the 3-some told. I'm sure it was fun to "race" the Olympians, as well. There were at least 300 kids there for the morning session (aged 4 - 11) and about the same amount for the afternoon session (12 an up).

Josh was awesome, at least I think so. However, I did disagree with some things. He is very faith-based, so his talk of Jesus, the Bible and One True God, didn't bother me. I'm not so sure his non-political correctness was great for all kids, though. He also had a slight "sex" talk with the older kids, informing them of STDs, trying to keep them more towards abstinence, so they could set goals and keep being focused. Yikes! My kids have already had the talk, except for Miss Mo, so it wasn't all that bad, but I certainly did not expect this. It also was not necessarily great to have this topic on a co-ed level. I'm not sure other parents were too happy about it. Josh gave us a "parent" talk before the afternoon clinic (together with the morning session's parents), but did not warn us of this topic to be discussed. Also, reading the literature that was passed out, I very much disagree with the idea to give children supplements to their diets. My kids' pediatrician would disagree, as well. But then at the same time, I'm not sure if all kids eat as nutritiously as mine do. But, I would think based on his literature, Josh does... so why the supplements? You can check out his website at

Overall, the kids had a blast and were well-coached and inspired in a way "just" a coach or "just" a parent can't. Every kid needs a hero or someone who has been there. Josh and his team certainly delivered. It was a very worthwhile day for all.

I got some really great pics with my new camera... but... I'm only sharing one here, until I figure out how to load more into one blog post. If any of you out there can help... PLEASE! let me know. Thanks.

DSS was picked up that morning and ate dinner with us. But since I really wasn't home, I didn't get much visiting time, only the dinner talk where he told me the latest on his high school marching band. He's a pretty good drummer. Not at all bad for just learning at the beginning of high school. He made section leader this year and was also chosen for All District! Congrats!

DSD did not come, but was originally supposed to, as she called LATE Friday night and told her pops she "forgot" she had a party to go to. At 11:30 at night, she should've thought of that before. My poor DH misses his kids but doesn't want to be the bad guy in telling them the courteous thing to do. And she wonders why Miss Mo runs to the other girls when she comes. It's almost as if the SDS forgets about this family over here. I no longer worry about it and don't plan things around them anymore. It just stresses me out or upsets me to no end, so I do the best thing for me and my other daughters. Sorry.

Today was early, but not as bad. 5:30 for packing lunch DH, getting ready for Church, and getting ready to work the Fundraiser Yard Sale again. And off we went again!

Really nothing big happened... but, we did sell $50 more today, for a total of $300. Go, MVAQ! There were really good times between good friends. You really must think about joining our team (if you are local), as we all get along really well, and so do our kids. We even offer adult lap swimming, for those of you who are not competitive...

DH came back home as he found out he was awarded the rest of the week off. YEAH! I'll try to keep up the writing... we'll see. This week may be a little tougher. No promises...

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! Toodles! lisa

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