Monday, April 16, 2007

My New Adventure-The Beginning of My Blog and Intro

Hello to all my old friends, new friends, and futures.

This is not a gossip area, but a place where I can tell you all about what we (anyone around me and mine) are up to... and what wonderful things I've found that you might (or might not) be interested in. So, if you truly don't want anything about you... let me know. However, please understand I would never post private things about anyone. Should I write about something, names and certain details would be changed enough to give it fictitious character... (Hmm... maybe I should write a book!) Please feel free to comment, ask questions or offer something you would like to see posted.

I will show you the world from my eyes and share with you many things, including my most recent artwork, whether it be from sewing, needlework, scrapping, various other crafts, or even food. I might also show you stuff from fellow friends or even the kids (the Little Rascals themselves).

Somethings from my world are awesome deals! Sometimes I find freebies or contests that are SO worth it! Sometimes I might find something that is totally horrible, as well. I'm willing to share it all!

First, let me start by telling you (or reminding you) about me and mine...

We are a blended family, both culturally and with the previous marriage issues. There are a total of seven of us (YIKES!), and we will NOT be adding any more. There is Senior Juan (my DH - darling husband), Junior Juan (my DSS - my darling stepson), Nay-Nay (my DSD- darling stepdaughter), Stac - pronounced "stack" (my DD - darling daughter), Rey-Rey (my DD - darling daughter), and Moe (my DD - darling daughter). The kids age range is from 18 years to the youngest being 2. And so... we have many issues, very often. 2 kids do not live with us, but 3 do, so our household is very busy.

I work from home (if you could call it that). I try to find inexpensive, cheap, and sometimes even free ways to make it all work. If you want mystery shopping sites, let me know! I can and do almost anything (except keep my mouth shut!). Currently, I am working on clearing out all of the dead stuff from our winter frost (didn't know they had THAT in So Cal!), so that my yard and garden don't look so yucky. I'm also trying to repel the little critters known as the California Ground Squirrels... collecting dog hair, so if you live nearby, save yours for me, PLEASE! I am also working on Spring Cleaning and getting my projects on track. What a plateful, huh? So, I will probably be posting tips and hints I find as I go along, as well! (One wonderful site is! She helps me through a lot! I'll talk about her later.)

My DH works a lot! He almost kills himself trying to make sure things are taken care of in our household. I pay some things, but he pretty much covers the rest. And in turn, he is spoiled. What a wonderful reward system!!! His family (hello to all of you!) is very large and therefore, brings lots of drama to our life. Anyway, maybe you'll hear more of it later.

Anyway, I'm really trying to start writing again, as this is something I blocked for so long. Time to let it all flow... therapy in a way! Toodles for now! (and thank you for reading!) lisa


  1. Wow...I'm impressed. Your blog almost makes you sound like a normal person. LOL

  2. I actually am impressed that you are blogging though. Keep it up.

  3. thanks! keep checking it out...


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