Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tuesday's Trials and Errors

Well now. After having done a lot of research about those darned squirrels of mine, I had a thought! I invited some dogs to come over (but I told me friend she could come, too)! And so a couple of my friends and their canine creatures came. We let them run around, urinate... put their two scents everywhere. This (I was hoping) would repel the smaller critters. Well, it worked until just 5 minutes ago. We'll probably have to do this more often.

That's fine with me! I enjoy the wine and the company. (By the way, the middle DD made a GREAT dinner! Thanks Rey!) My girls thought I probably enjoyed the wine a little too much, as they didn't even think I should answer the phone... lol! Yes, well, we all know how teenagers are and how they can be. They are the superior generation (whatever!).

Friends are great to have and great to eat with and great to talk to and great... Needless to say, we all had a great time. Even one of "sick" DDs seemed to miraculously get "better".

You would never have known she was "sick" earlier. I had to stop them playing with the ball, however, as I could only envision it being kicked into the air to hit my orange tree with all of its recently pollinated buds. (This is how I got zero oranges last season!). I have a hard enough time with the squirrels... don't need a teenager/ball problem as well.


For those of you who know me, you know I like television after 8p.m. So, Monday night, was Dancing with the Stars and the Bachelor (only watched a couple of minutes... gotta watch the tape). I taped Drive, but haven't watched that because I haven't watched the 2-hour premiere of it yet (taped on Sunday).

Dancing: Hats off to Heather Mills for her grace and tact! That woman can pull it off and smile about her disability! Too bad Clyde (sp?) seems to not have a lot of rhythm. (He is the one who got kicked off.) Otherwise, Antonio (ooh... can we say "hottie"?) and Juliette are rip-roaring awesome! Joey and Kym did well, also. It was cool the way they got the audience involved in the dance at the beginning and at the end.

Tuesday night - saw Dancing but was way too busy to watch the re-cap show, and did manage to throw in some tapes for American Idol, House, and re-cap show. Boston Legal was not on, due to a special on Virginia Tech - let's just hope that the anti-gun crowd doesn't hop on another soap box all the way over here, as Virginia is the area that needs the laws. From what I understand, they have the most lenient gun laws around. Fix that!

I already told you who went home on Dancing... bye Clyde. He is an extremely good sport and nothing bad to say. Kudos!

This morning has been a little bit of recovery (cotton mouth) and a fiasco at the dentist's office. I'll just have to wait a little longer, I guess.

Oh well. Now I'm making taco soup and corn bread for dinner (DH's lunch, but dinner for the rest of us). One of DDs is having her braces tightened, so this is pretty soft and still very nutritious. Getting dinner made much earlier works better for us, as the girls have swimming tonight. Schedules are pretty full here. I know, I know. I stay home. What could I possibly have to do? Hmmm... let's rethink that question.

You'll have to wait for reviews and news, as I'm not quite ready yet (gotta watch it, first.) I'm planning on running out to plant some shallots and garlic really quick, though before the garlic spoils. Toodles! lisa


  1. Hmmm...enjoyed the wine did ya! A little too much! : ) I think it is wonderful that you are writing you do it very well. I must say I like reading your blog. Keep it up!

  2. I didn't enjoy it too much... someone else maybe... thanks for reading!


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