Thursday, April 19, 2007

You Can Help Our Team Grow!

In order to get some more exposure to our little swim team, who by the way is growing, we are going to be part of the SunnyMead Ranch garage sale weekend. This is to get our name out, do some recruiting and get rid or unwanted things in your home.

Where are we selling? The Smith’s (of our team) have donated their home for us, please drop off anything you wish to donate, Saturday Morning, between 6 and 7 am. Or you can always browse and buy. All proceeds go to the team. Anything that does not sell will be donated or you can it pick on Sunday afternoon.

Comment me or e-mail me for the address, and I will be sure to give it to you!

My 3 DDs and I will be there in the morning on both days. Hope to see you there!

Come swim with us and join the fun! We have many levels available from “Learn to Swim” to Senior Level. Kids ages 4 and up can join! Even adults! Yes you, too can swim while your child practices and get or stay in shape. For adults, we offer Master Swimming (coached) and individual Adult Lap Swim. Swimming is a year-round sport.

Practices are Monday – Friday between 5pm and 7pm (contact me for actual location). Dues range based on age and swimming ability.

We are a Non profit club affiliate of USA Swimming, Inc. Swimming is an individual sport, allowing each child to grow at their own rate and level. Your monthly dues provide professional coaching for your child, helping to make this happen.

For more info, feel free to contact me or post a comment and I'll get back to you. Hope to see you at the pool! Walk-ins are welcome, too! Toodles! lisa

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