Monday, April 12, 2010

Seriously Dating Myself! (the Musical Version)

On our short ride to school today, Borderline came on the radio. I quickly covered up the info track on the display and asked my teenage girls to name the artist. (I consider my kids well-balanced in the music industry, having urged them them to listen to ALL kinds and eras of the stuff.)

The answers I got made my mouth drop. "Pat Benetar" (Seriously? You really think it sounds super-rockin'?); "Stacey Q" (Yougottabekiddingme!)and others were mentioned. They didn't even get close! I told them who it was, that it was off her first album from 1983. Their response? "She's OLD!"

Then they told me, after a short discussion of Madonna's age (She is 51), that Michael Jackson was in his '60's when he died. Uh. huh. He was almost 51. OMGosh!

My kids add an extra 10 years to almost everyone, apparently. While I thought Madonna was much younger (she sure doesn't look 51... or act it for that matter!), she certainly is not old, and neither was Michael. This makes me wonder what they think of me... Do they add 10 years to my age, too? That would make me almost 50, whereas... I am really almost 40 (nope, folks! haven't joined that club yet) and hope to make it well past that age.

But, what they really meant to say to me was, "Mom... We can't believe someone that was popular that long ago is still popular today and that YOU used to listen to them!" Yeah...

*Note: Borderline's embedding feature was removed, so I decided to still add a little nostalgia with Ms. Stacey Q's Two of Hearts for your old-school pleasure. Enjoy! (I did!!!)

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  1. Yeah, my kids think the same way.
    They were looking at some of my pics from the teenage years and said "That is an old timey car" speaking of my hubby's (then boyfriend) 1991 Pontiac Firebird.



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