Monday, April 19, 2010

Catching Up on Some Cards and Other Stuff

Whew! Time sure goes by fast! I've missed out on posting my Valentine's stuff, some birthdays, some thank yous, gifts, cupcakes and other things. So... I'm just going to cut to the chase a post a coupla little stuff here (that I can find) and give you the short version of it.

This means, that... things will probably be outta order here for a while. I am at a standstill (as of this moment), due to the shaping of my craft/scrap/sewing room, so during my "off" moments, I will post things I can find... randomly... Here's a little for the day:

Here's a quick Thank You note I cut up... using my Cricut (Gypsy Font from the Gypsy) and the Cuttlebug, with some leftover papers circa Valentine's Day.

At some point this year, I went to a baby shower. This was for Little Baby Wyatt (hey, Jenn!). Made with my Cricut, Cricut Sampler, and Gypsy Font. Glitter paper and chalk (for the cheeks) go a long way. The baby was adorable (after birth shower) and the gifts were fun and a-hoy-y (pirate and sail-boat themed).

We also went to another birthday, this time a dual birthday party. Here's one of the cards. I made them both really similar, so that neither girl felt hers was "different" than the other's. They were made (once again) with my Cricut (Alphalicious and Gypsy Wanderings) and the Cuttlebug.

Valentine's Day kept me busy! First of all... money was a scarce thing. So... I got super duper cheapy bags ($.25 from Walmart) and used them for the wrap for the 5-year-old then stuck Cricut-cut hearts and stuff all over for decoration (like she even noticed).

For the older girls (and hubby) I bought the $1 miniature candy bars and made a vase (hot gluing it all together). Cut out hearts and flowers using various cartridges on the Cricut, doubled chenile stems, and hot glued a candy center for the flowers. To use as a "frog", I used Smarties to anchor the candy flowers. Tying a ribbon around for the final touch, and Voila! Finished. And really cheap.

Hubby got me something really good, though. He purchased tickets to the Eagles concert at the Hollywood Bowl (see my review here along with some great pics of the Eagles and the Hollywood Bowl).

My gift for the family? For everyone, I used my Cricut Deep Cut Blade (and housing) to cut out a stencil (with leftover stencil material) of a couple of hearts and stencilled colored sugar onto cupcakes. C'est bon! Fin! I had an extremely inexpensive Valentine's, but with a homemade touch. They all loved it, and I got to rest and eat a cupcake (which went straight to my hips)!

For all of the above (except the candy and bags), I completely used what I already had... SCRAPS and items from the pantry! I looked through everything I had and made the most and the best of it. Utilize your scraps, too. *It's a good thing! (Thanks, Martha!!!)

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  1. Super cute Valentine's Day stuff, Lisa! Love it all! :)


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