Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beachy Fun

I have a lot of catching up to do! So if this all seems far behind... remember, I'm just catching up! So... here goes...

G-Ma and the Gang! As the first actual outing with just Grandma and her grandchildren [sans babysitting], the beach (we went to Huntington) was a wonderful and peaceful experience. Right before Spring Break, we (my mom, my brother's boys, my girls and I) went to the Beach. It was a beautiful day. A little hazy, but that burned off in the early early afternoon.
Mr. J loves the ocean. He loves to pick up the wet sand and dribble it through his fingers, run it through his toes... He loves to get wet and have the waves chase him up the shore. He is always laughing and playing and just having fun. His laugh is infectious and makes you smile. (Right here, he doesn't look too happy... I think we were calling him up to eat... lol!)
Mr. M is as cute as he looks. He didn't like the ocean very much at all. Actually, he screamed when the water tried to tickle his little feet! [It really was pretty cold... I didn't go in either!] But, Mr. M had a great time playing peek-a-boo, hanging in the shade and making sure he got attention at every. single. moment. He loves the camera, too. Kept trying to reach for it, and move other body parts into the view. (See his foot? Isn't it just WAY adorable!!!)
Miss Marissa is such a cutie [when it comes to the beach]. Along with Mr. M, you couldn't stay away from the waves and the sand, as they were continuously running about into it. Luckily, she just loves her life jacket and wouldn't be caught dead [in the water] without it. Marissa had lots of luck that day... she just kept finding sand dollars... almost whole ones, without much damage to the shells. She loved playing with her cousin(s) so much, she didn't want them to go home.
Grandma made sand castles with her grandkids (I took control of the camera, with Mr M's help, of course)... We all just enjoyed the sun and the fun and made the best of our day! You see, we rarely see them, and we are rarely all together. Even though we all live in Southern Cali, life is busy. We all have different schedules and lots to do. So... we cherish every moment we have with them and with each other.
Just a little note (off-topic), I am getting seriously tired of Blogger! The formatting doesn't do what you code it to do and it just does your own thing (I really did not format the original this badly!... So... don't be surprised if I find another venue to switch to... On the lookout... any suggestions?

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