Tuesday, April 6, 2010

OMGosh! It's April, Already?

The past two weeks have been a major rush. Lots has happened, including the ending of March, Ricky Martin's coming out (Good for you, Ricky!), our week-long camping trip, and Easter. Now the kids are back in school (2 weeks of Spring Break is O.V.E.R., Baby!), and hopefully life will resume back to normal... must.get.the.camping.laundry.done.FIRST!

After I conclude this small feat (or maybe even before... let's see how my attention span is to cleaning...), I will post lots of pics and posts. Ha... ha... Seriously. I will.

Until I next see you (which will be soon, I assure you!)... I'm usually (at some point in my day) on Facebook or Twitter! But here's a teaser from camping pics... Well... *boggle*, I can't seem to download pics from Facebook to here!

So it doesn't work... you'll just have to wait. BUT... if you are a Facebook friend, you can see my mobile uploads... and go figure! Not of all the pics I took would upload. So bummery!

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