Sunday, April 11, 2010

Decisions... Decisions...

YAY! Juan (my hubby... for those of you new...) has finally decided to "let" me have the extra room. I mean... HECK! It's about time! I mean... his son has only stayed one night in a whole year, and has never actually seriously lived here... SO... what the HECK were we saving it for?

Got everything moved out and the son's stuff packed up (was a mess!). Walls are dusted and inside the closet painted. Juan did most of it (almost all of it). I opted to take the closet doors off.

You see... until just the other day... he had "ideas" about what he wanted to do with my new room. Then at various times, he asked me what I had thought about what would go where. And when I visualized it to him... he said he had changed his mind, stating he was planning some other arrangement. WHATEVER! So I boldly told him, "When you have a final decision in what YOU are planning to do, then you can ask me. I have based everything I've decided on what you've told me previously. When you keep changing it, it confuses me... and PISSES me off!" Like the graceful adult that I am... I stomped out of the room. (I was pretty pissed...)

On his way to work the following day, he called me and told me to figure out what I wanted to do. Afterall, he pointed out, it is my room. He knows what I'm going to use it for, but didn't know how it would be best suited for me. And so I've been surfing the internet for ideas.

I've asked my Twitter peeps to help, and they have delivered. I've got lots of ideas and have a basic format in my brain for my 10 x 10 ft room (with a closet).

Tomorrow, the guy will show up (hopefully) to clean the carpet [much cheaper than renting a machine!]. After that, construction will ensue. Yippee!

My items will disappear from their disarray on the dining room table and all over the coffee table on the living room floor and will reappear in an organized state in my new room. I am SO excited!

Along with this revolutionary experience, I've decided to re-combine my many blogs. SO... Lisa's Little Bits will once again include my creative items. I've already started earlier this week by posting the rice recipe. There is more to come. I have crafts (cards, mostly) and other dishes just waiting for my lazy blogging butt to write, download, and hit the button. Wait for it! It. Is. Coming.

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