Sunday, January 24, 2010

Up Late, With the Rest of You Insomniacs!

Tonight, my nerves are so shot, that I just can't get to sleep. I have been blog-hopping and facebook cruising. Oh so fun! But... it is!

I have found a host-load of old friends (no... they're not "old") and a lot of new ideas for different things. I can't tell you how many times tonight I actually said (out loud), "Oh... that sounds like a good idea!" or "hmmm... I'll have to try that one..."

I certainly am bummed I missed CHA (Craft and Hobby Association)'s Consumer Craft Supershow in Anaheim this year. I was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately (for me), circumstances as they are prevented me from going. Oh well, another time.

Cricut (Provo Craft) released something I would never buy (thank goodness for that!) in the form of a Cricut for cake decorating. Uh... hello... I can do it the old-fashioned way with much more creativity than just cut gum paste stuff! I'm not being sarcastic, either. This new machine that does the same thing my current machine does, only "food safe" would cost another $399 ($400 to me)! Ugh! Will it never stop?

I already own the Gypsy, which I love, 2 machines, multiple cartridges (but not enough, of course), Design Studio, and the Jukebox... don't need another machine. Plus... where the heck would I put it? I've already got the whole dining room area filled up with my stuff. (I seriously need my own room.) I don't need to be filling it up with another machine I would seldom use. I already use my current machine(s) for stenciling on cakes. I don't think I want to cut gum paste or other certain edible things.

For one thing... I (personally... and yes I've tried it!) don't like the flavor or texture of gum paste, fondant, or any of those other edible things you might use like paper. Yuck! I like the flavor and texture of good old FROSTING! I know the current trend is to use the foo-foo stuff like fondant (gross) or gum paste (just weird!) to make the cakes appear "smooth." So, it takes a little extra work to smooth out frosting... take the time. It is well worth it.

Hmmm... yes... I need my own room. I have a stepson who seriously never comes out. He has not been (to stay the night) more than twice this past year. My husband insists on keeping a room for him. Uh... he'll be 21 at the end of this month. At what point do you takeover the room? Help! *Sigh* I think it's ridiculous to keep a room for that long that is not being used. I could completely put this room to use and free up the dining room (and the cluttered area) once again. Oh, it would look so clean! I would love to be able to put the bunkbeds in there and other furniture up for bidding at my next garage sale. I could use the proceeds for Rey's Europe trip (if she gets to go...) or to decorate my new craft room. Oh the things I could do...

My shotty nerves are from the almost 5-year-old... I'm tired. She's not. She wants help with the Wii... I don't have the patience tonight. Let's just say that some of the Wii games, while they may be rated "E" for Everyone, are not necessarily age-appropriate. I find the game Barbie Horse Adventures particularly difficult. Yes... this is rather funny. Especially since it was supposedly geared toward the 5-10 age group. Well, guess what? It needs more skill than what those kids know. Even my teenagers think it's a lot harder than what they thought it would be. Does anyone know of any other games (besides Wii Fit Plus and Wii Sports) that a kid would like? Let me know.

So... now that I've cooled down a little by exploring my emotions here... I guess I better try to get some sleep. The morning seems to come so much faster... the older I get... lol!

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