Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another Rainy Day...

So many of us are saying, "Who says it doesn't rain in California?" As, we were rained on last week and so far... a couple of days this week. This week, however, has been littered with tornado warnings, lots of thunder and lightening, and small amounts of hail. Very rare for us, but should make a nice trip to Big Bear... hopefully sometime soon.

Miss Marissa has been such a joy to my heart and sometimes... oh such a pain. Today, we went through massive dramatics to get her dressed to go to class. She doesn't want to wear anything but her "old" clothes and flip-flops. Well, guess what? Who should win this war? Me! She seriously needs to wear other things than the same exact thing every day. No one wants to wash that much!

She is seriously into the tattling stage. AND it totally gets on my nerves!!! Today, she tattled that another little girl "punched" her. Ok... I get it if a kid is getting hurt, but this was nothing. The poor little girl was only rocking back and forth, on her knees, and happened to bump into our little Missy. Seriously? NO BIG DEAL! And then add the older girls (Miss Marissa's sisters)... they are getting to be just as bad. Is this ever going to end? I presumed that as the girls got older, they would "mature"... But, they seem to be regressing into a younger age and showing their lack of maturity. Yikes!

Trying to get an almost five-year-old to act her age is extremely difficult, especially when you have older siblings around that are definitely acting like teenagers. I would love it if respect and kindness once more found a place in my home. But, unfortunately, it seems to be infiltrating into the heart and mind of my little one. It makes me really sad. I hate to punish the older kids for something all of their friends are allowed to do, but hey! I gotta get control of the situation and nip this in the bud before it gets any worse. What they don't realize is how hurtful it is. I'm sure they won't want to be treated that way from their future children... if they ever have any...

On a different note... my "wonderful" husband (although he does have his faults!) surprised me with tickets to see the Eagles in concert at the Hollywood Bowl in April. This should be a blast... especially since I though the concert-going portion of our lives was over. Move over! There is a "New Kid in Town!" Maybe he's changing for the better.

Different topic... if any of you Californians out there have done your state taxes yet... have you seen the dramatic changes in the exemption amounts? It completely bites the big one! Last year, we were able to deduct $309 (or something like that) per dependent. This year, it is a measly $98 (same as standard deduction per filer). Whoa! So... needless to say, this year we owe as to the previous years, where we had a little or none coming back. I really don't care for that. But... we all have to help with the bailout. We all took cuts somewhere, and hikes (in prices) elsewhere... did the big boys up north all get jacked, too?

The rain is still pouring (as is California's money going... where?), so it's time to enjoy some comfort food... tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches... Mmm... mmm... good (think the Campbell's slogan of yesteryear, if you don't get it).

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