Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This Year is Turning Out All Right...

The girls and I are finally over all of our little illnesses (you know... the things ya'll had at the end of last year and some of the things some of you have now?)... we are having fun playing the Wii, with little Mii's all over. Miss Marissa wanted hers to be called "Mo", which (for those of you who don't know) is her nickname by some family members. Marissa went back to school today, didn't want to go (didn't want to get out of bed!), but had a great time going.

It's (sort of) a rainy day here... very rare for us... so she got to use her Disney Princess Umbrella. Even when it wasn't raining, she still wanted to use it. Oh! And her new Disney Princess backpack (that Santa got her). She was wearing her new Skechers TwinkleToes shoes (that Grandma and Grandpa got her), which was a HUGE accomplishment. (We have "issues" with her, as she normally only will wear flip-flops... for school, we've gotten her to wear strapped sandals, but this was major!) She stomped in every puddle she saw... couldn't've (love that contraction, don't ya?) done that in her sandals or flops... ha ha... But she learned and had fun participating in class, as well.

Nights have been a problem for us, as she is constantly worried that Mommy is going to leave her when she goes to kindergarten. Me, oh my! That is another 8 months away! All I can do is sigh and try to get her to sleep. I've explained that Mommy or Daddy may go to work, but we will always come back. She isn't getting it. Helpful hints? Suggestion? Needed here...

(btw... these are just random thoughts and stuff until I can figure out what I "really" want to write about here...)

Back to the year turning out all right. Facebook (the socializing site) is truly my friend right now. I am grateful to all of my friends in the "real" world. But facebook has brought lots of friends from my past back to me. A wonderful friend just found me after 5 years (well... almost) of being lost (that's what I'm going to classify it as... there is much more to it, but this will suffice). I'm glad she looked, and I look forward to the wonderful times ahead. So... anyway, facebook is a great way to stay in touch with "everyone" without having to repeat everything you say/write to everyone else. Love it! Much the reason why I began this blog in the first place!

I haven't been doing much, creatively, lately... all of my tables are occupied. For those that have seen my home, my decor (if you can call it that!) is Coca-Cola. For Christmas (from another great friend), I received a vintage Coca-Cola puzzle. When done, the puzzle should be a little bit larger than poster-sized, and so... it is getting framed and put up on my wall. At 2,000 pieces, that kind of work needs to be shown off. And so... this puzzle (and all of its pieces) are occupying large pieces of cardboard (so they can be grouped together) and two tables. Gotta have space to work besides the actual puzzle space, right? Once I (or rather "we) get it done, photos will definitely be posted! But... gotta get it done, so I can work on other things... SOON!

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